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Around The Cooler 8/3/14: The First Live Show!

GeorgeHere’s what we talked about:

  • The Hall of Fame and the players you grew up with
  • Feminine persuasion involves two female firsts.
  • The Eagles offense, training camp, and why Sanchez isn’t such a bad fit.
  • TWCNN gives another news update
  • Paul George, International brands, and the booming love of players.

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Quick Peek At Evan Turner

Evan Turner will join Paul George in Indiana. (credit:

Evan Turner will join Paul George in Indiana. (credit:

So I’m looking through some basketball news today and saw this gem from ProBasketballTalk:

AsTom Haberstroh of ESPN pointed out on twitter, in the 149 minutes Turner and Hibbert had played together since the trade deadline move to bring Turner to Indiana, he has gotten one assist passing to Hibbert. One.

It makes me smile. Even though the Sixers only managed what amounted to a second round pick in the deal, it’s fairly cathartic to see him screwing up a legitimate title contender in the Pacers who have been 8-10 since March 1st.

Turner has earned a steady decrease in minutes the last few games and continues to put up some god awful stat lines. For example, Turner played all of seven minutes against the Spurs shooting 0-2 from the floor with no assists. Three nights prior to that against the Wizards Turner dominated in 14 minutes, going 0-4 with no assists.


It seems like the Villain is more of a sleeper cell.

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