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Making Friends with the Enemy: Oakland Raiders

MF_RaidersThis week the 3-5 Eagles will be taking on the 3-4 Raiders at The Coliseum and for the first time (Ideally of many) we’re introducing a new segment called Making Friends with the Enemy.

The idea is that we’ll bring in someone every week who is a fan of the opposing team to give us some perspective on how they see the game.

For this week, we’ve had the pleasure of asking Jason Speir—an equally obsessed Raiders fan—to enlighten us on the happenings in the Black Hole. Jason goes into the future of the team, a Houston in California, and, of course, the upcoming Eagles game. So strap on your eyepatch and get ready to plunder some knowledge!

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Eagles in Fantasy Football

So fantasy football is really going into effect this week as leagues get ready to draft. I’m personally in four of them because I’m addicted and they all draft this week. With that in mind, I wanted to talk about some major players on the Eagles and what kind of fantasy impact they’ll have.

image via Credit to Eric Hartline (US PRESSWIRE)

image via Credit to Eric Hartline (US PRESSWIRE)

The first guy to discuss has to be LeSean McCoy. If you’re drafting at the top of the first round and LeSean McCoy is there around the fourth or fifth pick I’d suggest you take him. Shady is one of the best talents in the NFL and he’s absolutely going to be featured in Chip Kelly’s offense. Just consider this quote from McCoy from back in April:

“You’re going to need another back in this offense [...]Bryce [Brown] is good enough where he can play. Every team has two good backs [...] And don’t be surprised if Chris Polk gets some carries, because you’re running so much it’s like a freakin’ track meet. It’s like a relay. You need extra guys.”

How many 25 year-old star-caliber players ever say that they’ll need to be off of the field sometimes? None. There’s also the fact that McCoy gained a combined 1,600 yards and 20 TD’s in 2011 with a worse offensive line than he has now.

He’s the fourth best back to have on your team regardless of format and the best fantasy option on the Eagles by a mile.

Now that Mike Vick has been named the Eagles starter and he’ll have many more chances to call designed runs for himself, his value has seen a solid boost. The problem though is that you need to believe that Vick will be one of the top 10-12 quarterbacks in the league if you’re going to draft him and I’m just not able to take that leap.

However, as a back-up Vick is a top choice. His ceiling is high enough that if he plays well for a few weeks you could either start him or ship him off for a boatload. If he’s average, well he’s just a back-up anyway so there’s no real loss. He’s worth a pick in the 9th round.

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DeSean Raps with Snoop in New Video

Normally I wouldn’t make this kind of thing a post, but as someone who’s into rap music I couldn’t help myself.

DeSean has a new single with Snoop Dogg Lion called “Diamonds on my Neck.”

It’s certainly not as great as “It Doesn’t Matter” by The Rock or as brilliantly awful as Eagles classic “Get your Michael Phelps on”, but songs of the century only come around every million years or so, right?

Feel free to comment, but only if you want to challenge DeSean to a rap battle.

Chip Kelly’s Effect On The Top Fantasy Football Options On The Eagles

photo via

photo via

Whenever a new coach takes over a team in the NFL, changes will be made. Chip Kelly is a different type of coach, so a lot of people think a lot of changes will be happening in Philadelphia these next couple of years. From a fantasy football perspective, how will those changes affect production? Here’s a look at the top five players, and whether they will be better or worse under Kelly.

LeSean McCoy

Last season was a rough one for McCoy, who struggled with inconsistencies and a concussion. However, 2013 should be a great chance for him to bounce back, as Kelly’s fast offense will allow him to get a lot of touches with space. As long as the passing game is somewhat consistent, McCoy will see a slight increase in production with Kelly at the helm.
Jeremy Maclin

Like any wide receiver, Maclin’s production will come down to the quarterback throwing him passes. Kelly’s offense should benefit him though, because he has the physical tools to make big-time plays. This might be the year he finally puts it all together as a true #1 receiver, especially since he is playing in a contract season.
DeSean Jackson

One looks at Jackson’s speed and natural ability and thinks Kelly would make him a star. However, one thing a coach can’t do is teach a guy how to go over the middle. If Jackson can’t do that, his receiving numbers will not be any better than last season. Injuries are also a concern for Jackson, as he missed the last five games of the season in 2012. His numbers might go up simply because he is healthy, but Jackson won’t be able to benefit from Kelly.

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What to Watch for: Eagles and Saints

This is a huge game for the Eagles on Monday Night. This will be a true put up or shut up type of contest. Tons of talk surrounding the Birds has been held with the caveat of “Well, they still have a ton of talent.” That’s all well and good, but there comes a point where it doesn’t matter. You need to play well as a team with the talent you have.

Were the Tim Tebow led Broncos more talented last year? Hell no. But they would probably whoop the Eagles right now. This team is playing downright ugly, inconsistent and underachieving football. The proof comes from the players only meetings held during the week, which were probably the first ever held by a team that was 3-4. This team is desperate and lacking in confidence, which brings me to the first point for tomorrow night:

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With Castillo Gone, What’s Next?

For the Eagles, it’s usually the fans hitting the panic button around this time of year. However, Andy Reid has finally succumb to the chaos by firing defensive coordinator Juan Castillo. No one’s job is truly safe anymore as Reid attempts to dump buckets of water overboard and take this team to the playoffs.

In his press conference following the firing of Castillo, Reid proclaimed that changes are very possible as he continues to evaluate the team. For example:

Please understand this: please understand that offense, defense and special teams right now, we need to get better. I’m going to continue to work through that and it’s my responsibility to do that. I’m just bringing this to you because this is what’s happened so far. I’m not going to tell you anything’s going to happen past this or that it will [not] happen; I’m not telling you that. But this is what’s happened so far.

The obvious usage of “this is what’s happened so far” is a far cry from the business as usual Reid we’ve been accustomed to.

So with Reid hinting that serious changes are coming, I figure it’s time to take a look into the crystal wooder cooler and see what the future might hold for the Eagles personnel against Atlanta and beyond.

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The Wooder Cooler Weekly Podcast – 10/16/12

Today was the first time Andy Reid hit the panic button since Hoagiefest ended

Big news in Eagle land today – defensive coordinator Juan Castillo was canned after just 22 games. Is this the last act of a coach desperate for answers, or the genesis of a Reid renaissance? All that and more, here in your weekly podcast.

Here’s what we’re talking about:
Firing Juan Castillo – Did Andy make the right call? (0:00)
Eagles v. Lions (12:00)
76ers Season (34:00)

Listen in here: Podcast October 16, 2012

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The Wooder Cooler Weekly Podcast – 10/11/12

Distilled wisdom at the click of a mouse. Every week, here at The Wooder Cooler.

Here’s what we’re talking about:
Eagles @ Steelers (0:00)
Eagles v. Lions (19:30)

Listen in here: Podcast October 11, 2012

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What to watch for: Eagles @ Steelers 10/07/12

This is terrible.

This Sunday on a ketchup-stained field at the mouth of the Allegheny River, two teams that were once forced by the pressures of war to form an unholy alliance will resume their bitter intrastate rivalry for the first time since 2008.

Yes, the Eagles and a sizable number of their fans will be paying every toll on the Turnpike en route to a matchup against Big Ben Roethlisberger, Troy Polamalu, James Harrison, and the 1-2 Pittsburgh Steelers. And despite the difference in record, these two teams bring some remarkably similar strengths and weaknesses to the table.

Before we look into the individual matchups, let’s check out just how alike these teams are:


1. Weak Offensive Lines – The Steelers tried to address their offensive line in the draft, taking guard David DeCastro in the first round and tackle Mike Adams in the second. But the Football Gods had different plans, and both were struck down with preseason injuries.  DeCastro was placed on IR. Adams is healthy now, but is listed as the backup to Max Starks, the long-time Steelers starter who was actually cut during the offseason but re-signed due to a lack of depth. This unit is ranked dead last in rushing yards per attempt (2.6 YPA). They have only given up 13 QB hits (tied for 5th best) but they’ve played one fewer game than any other team in the top 10. Also, their bad play is mitigated by Roethlisberger’s incredible escape skills (more on that later). For the Eagles, well, with Dallas Reynolds penciled in as the starting C for the remainder of the season and the LT position up in the air between King Dunlap and Demtress Bell, it is a safe bet to expect trouble from this unit all season.

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The Eagles’ First Quarter Report Card

After four games, the Eagles are leading the NFC East in the most heart-wrenching, teeth gnashing, expletive filled way that I’ve ever experienced as a fan.  While last year’s squad will eternally be known as the “Dream Team” due to evil ESPN overlords that dwell at the depths of volcanoes conjuring up nonsensical story-lines to make into mass media frenzies, this Eagles team is much less exciting in comparison.

Last season the Eagles were soft and often came up empty in clutch situations at the end of the game. Dropped passes, missed tackles, and running backs deciding to pass mid-tackle dug the Eagles into a pit that they would never climb out of. The proof is easily found in their record. At this point last year, the Eagles were 1-3.

Through the first quarter of this year, the Eagles have proven to be quite the opposite: a hard-nosed bunch with an indefinable clutchness and a 3-1 record to show for it. For example, the Eagles were able to produce a go-ahead score within the last five minutes of the game against the Browns, Ravens, and Giants. Here are the numbers to show you just how impressive these drives were:

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