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Giroux is the Only Man for the Job

Claude Giroux is having easily the most frustrating season of his career. His team is in dead last in the Metropolitan division, dead last in goals per game with 1.47.

But one thing is for sure, Giroux is the only player on the Philadelphia Flyers that deserves the “C” on his sweater. There is no one on the team currently that has the right to lead this team into the unknown future than this man.

Yes his stats have gone down since becoming the captain, no doubt about it but I personally believe that it’s not because he his wearing the “C” and he has “unneeded” pressure. It’s through the pressure of his own standards to be the best player in the world, which he isn’t and will not be while Crosby and Ovechkin are playing in the NHL.

Giroux needs to find his swagger back, playing simple hockey, even at this point, getting selfish with the puck. He needs to quit trying to make the cute and unnecessary passes and shoot the puck on net and create chances for himself and his teammates at the same time. It sounds weird I know, but the Flyers have to find some way to get pucks on and in the net, Giroux will be that guy.

Paul Holmgren brought former captains of the Tampa Bay Lightning and New York Islanders, Vinny Lecavalier and Mark Streit in not for the purpose of being fail safe captains but to help Giroux develop his leadership role on HIS team. Claude Giroux is the Philadelphia Flyers, not Lecavalier, not Streit.

Following last nights game against the New Jersey Devils, in which the team suffered another loss, Giroux and the Flyers held a players only meeting. Following the meeting, Giroux refused to speak to the media and the scrutiny he has seen because of this is ridiculous.

Former Flyers captain Chris Pronger loathed the media. He hated talking to them and fueling fire to a Philadelphia media. And yet no one really bashed him for it. He lead his way for the team, despite in being cut short to concussions.

Giroux has taken a page out of Pronger’s leadership ways and done the same thing. Shunning the media and finding a way to lead this team. He’s in his second year in his first stint as a captain of a team. He’s still adapting and he will break out  sooner or later. With a team in last place, a captain’s first concern shouldn’t be talking to the media, it should be finding ways to right the ship that is the Flyers.

The entire Philadelphia Flyers organization is a mess right now. They don’t seem to have put the right personal on the ice to win games, but one thing they got right was putting the “C” on Claude Giroux’s sweater. Make no mistake about it.

The Price is Right for Giroux and the Flyers

In the summer of 2011, I had a pretty good gig. I’d intern a few days every week, and the others I’d wake up at 2, have some cereal, and watch the Price is Right and Fresh Prince reruns on DVR until I could go play open hockey.

Basically, living the life.

I’m pretty sure I was halfway through a bowl of Cocoa Rice Krispies when I found out the Flyers traded Jeff Carter. I don’t think I made any progress on finishing it by the time I found out Mike Richards was gone, too.

When Paul Holmgren reinvented the Flyers, I spent the rest of that night sorting through questions.

My biggest inquiry was “How the hell is this team was going to score enough goals to matter without two of its most important offensive players?”

I don’t really think I was alone in asking that, either.

Less than a year later, I was toting Claude Giroux as an MVP candidate and the Flyers had no problems with their attack. Yesterday’s news officially gives closure to the Richards and Carter trades.

Now the 25-year-old Giroux is going to be a Flyer for a long time (don’t worry, he was smart enough to include a no-movement clause).

The deal is good for a well-deserved eight years and $66.2 million ($8.275 million cap hit).

I guess the reason I described it as well deserved is because of how much he did over the last two seasons in addition to the numbers.

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Thoughts on Lecavalier, Holmgren, and the laughing stock the Flyers have (undeservedly) become

I’ve been meaning to write about the Flyers for the last week.

I had this grandiose idea that – bear with me – the Flyers have actually been secretly rebuilding for the last two seasons.

Think about it. A year after coming two games from winning a Cup, they were the Eastern Conference’s best team for the majority of the season. Then the team flamed out down the stretch and crashed in the second round of the playoffs. After that season, the team’s two pillars and arguably most recognizable players get traded in separate deals for prospects and up-and-coming assets to add to the stable of young players already on the roster.

Then, they stick with the young nucleus for two seasons and, potentially, through this offseason. Waiting for Brayden Schenn, Sean Couturier and the other young players to rise up and complete this grand puzzle Paul Holmgren has been assembling since he took apart the last successful group of Flyers.

I’m starting to think: “Hey, maybe Holmgren actually has an incredibly developed plan — He continues pumping this roster with young guys and acquires enough veterans and star value to appease a rabid fan base and a hands-on owner…”

Then yesterday happened and… umm, well, nevermind. We might have to reevaluate this. Read the rest of this entry

Flyers Are Involved in Everything (Business As Usual)

photo via

photo via

While this offseason will not be like two years ago when the Flyers blew up their core of Jeff Carter and Mike Richards, it’s getting pretty hot in Philly.

Speculation for the Flyers is rampant as they are now forced to make a number of moves following Mark Streit’s arrival to get under the cap. Beloved players will get the axe, new faces will arrive and I now firmly believe that Paul Holmgren and George R.R. Martin are the same guy.

By signing Streit to four years, $21 million, the Flyers cap problem inflates to $75,245,189. That is conveniently only $7,985,189 over the cap limit. Did I say that was convenient? What I meant to say was “Fuck”.

Danny Briere will absolutely be gone. He’s always been a defensive liability at 5’10, 179 lbs. However, his ice time has decreased significantly over the last few years along with his offensive production. At a price tag of $6.5 million, Briere knew the jig was up.  Here’s a quote from mid-April:

“I can’t control if they decide to buy me out. I believe in this team. This is where I want to be. [...] I want to be here and I’m going to try everything in my power to stay here.” – Danny Briere

With a number of reports indicating that Briere has ben informed of being bought out, Briere will finish a memorable run in Philly with 124 goals and 159 assists for 283 points over six seasons.

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The Next JVR?

Nobody ever looked so good walking out the door

I realize I’ve become the scorned ex.

I can’t help but feel constantly let down. Life used to be better.

Sure, things haven’t always been great, but they weren’t that bad.

We had some great times. It used to be so exciting.

Maybe I’m the one that screwed up.

Would things have gotten better if I didn’t do anything?

Damn, I hate you JVR.

Yeah, I’m talking about the former Flyer and second overall pick. Every night I stalk his Toronto box scores. It appears like he’s totally got things together. From the looks of it, he’s having a great time leading a bad Toronto team to 5-5. Maybe he finally got around to working it out in those tough areas of the rink we were always nagging him about. He really looks good.


Last night, James van Riemsdyk scored twice and earned the first star for the Toronto Maple Leafs, who beat the Washington Capitals for the second time in a week. JVR now has six goals, tied for seventh-best in the NHL.

Is he finally reaching that potential he flashed when he scored seven goals in 11 games in the 2011 playoffs? Did the Flyers really give up on him a year later, after an injury-plagued season limited him to 11 goals in 43 games last season?

Even with JVR giving the front office some serious sellers’ remorse, are the Flyers really about to do the same thing againRead the rest of this entry

Flyers Finally Get a Breather: Where do they stand?

(AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

(AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

It’s hard to believe that the Flyers’ season opener against Pittsburgh was only 11 days ago. Now, finally, the Flyers get a two-day rest before resuming the campaign in Washington on Friday.

In that short time, the Black and Orange have compiled a crummy 2-5-0 record, earning just 4 points and the 3rd worst rank in the conference standings. Within the Atlantic, the division-leading Devils are already 4 points ahead of the Flyers with two games in hand.

For the season, the team is 25th in goals per game (2.00), 19th in goals against (2.86), 23rd on the power play (13.5%), 29th on the penalty kill (67.7%). They rank 1st in four categories: losses, hits, penalty minutes, and power plays.

What the hell is going wrong here?  Read the rest of this entry

Flyers Cheat Sheet: 1/19 – 1/25

We understand that it can be hard to keep track of every game for every week. As a result, we’ll be releasing a cheat sheet every week so that you can stay up to date with the Flyers throughout the year!

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Despite all of the hype for the lockout-shortened season, the Flyers started off the year with a thud. Poor starting periods and miserable special teams left the Flyers with an 0-3 record after facing Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and New Jersey.

With Philadelphians getting tense, the Flyers finished off the week with a hard-fought 2-1 win at home against the Rangers.


  • Injuries have been awful for the Flyers. Scott Hartnell, Zac Rinaldo, and Andrej Meszaros were all injured this week. Danny Briere is still recovering from his broken wrist.
  • First round pick Scott Laughton is getting his first NHL action. If the 18 year-old plays two more games, the first year of his contract will go into effect.
  • Tye Mcginn received his first action with the Flyers. He also had a fight in his second career NHL game.
  • Brayden Schenn was suspended for one game after a launching check to Devils’ defenseman Anton Volchenkov.
  • The Flyers have signed Mike Knuble to the squad and called up Andreas Lilja from the Phantoms.
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The Wooder Cooler Weekly Podcast – 01/23/13

The Wooder CoolerHere’s what we’re talking about:
Flyers 0-2 start (0:00)
Sixers: Jrue and Thad make ESPN’s “25 under 25″ list, Bynum notes (18:00)
News and tidbits from the Eagles and Phillies (40:00)


Right Click for Download: The Wooder Cooler Weekly Podcast 1/23/13

What are you talking about around the water cooler this week? Leave us a comment!

Claude Giroux and Danny Briere go to Europe; Lockout Update

With the lockout lingering on, it appears as though the 2012-13 NHL season could be in serious danger. Consequently, Flyers Claude Giroux and Danny Briere have decided to team up in Europe…for Eisbaren Berlin in Germany (I might need a jersey).


Briere and Giroux join Ilya Bryzgalov, Matt Read, Wayne Simmonds, Niklas Grossmann,  Ruslan Fedotenko, and Jakub Voracek as members of the Flyers playing in other professional leagues.

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