Down the Stretch Fantasy Take on the Eagles

In week 10 of the regular season, many people thought that LeSean McCoy was poised for a pretty big game. Philadelphia as a team looked nice, scoring a total of 45 points in a blowout win over the Carolina Panthers. However, McCoy was not exactly that sharp, as he finished with just 19 yards on the ground and 12 carries. He has not really been able to live up to expectations so far this year, but he could have a strong finish to the regular season starting with a favorable matchup with the Tennessee Titans. He is just one Philadelphia player on offense look for in the next few weeks.

We are starting to get to the end of the fantasy football regular season in most leagues, so people are hoping for McCoy to finally turn things around and provide a good amount of value. He was able to find the end zone last week, and that is going to be key for him in the next few weeks. Philadelphia has scored over 70 points in their prior 2 contests to Green Bay, so the opportunities are going to be there. McCoy just needs to be a little bit more dependable carrying the ball every time he gets a touch. It would also help if he becomes a little bit more involved in the passing game if at all possible.

Tennessee has one of the worst run defenses in the NFL, so that bodes well for him. Not only that, but Philadelphia is going to need to run the ball a bit more now that they have to start Mark Sanchez at quarterback.

Even though Sanchez is a little bit of a liability at quarterback, people are starting to really target Jordan Matthews as a nice pickup on the waiver wire. He is going to be big for them on offense down the stretch as well, especially if he is fully healthy. He will have the opportunity to become the top receiver in Philadelphia if he is a little bit more consistent in the next week or 2. He has outplayed Jeremy Maclin at times this year, so the rookie is really starting to become a fantasy football standout. He had far and away his best game of his career in the NFL in week 10, and I could be a sign of things to come as he is a nice target for the new quarterback to rely on.

Bill Gregory of the Josias A. Sterling Aquatic Fund on 94WIP!

If you’ve checked in with the Cooler around Thanksgiving you know that we’re big supporters of the Josias A. Sterling Aquatic Fund, which uses the spirit of rugby to provide swim lessons to inner city youth. Bill Gregory, who is the founder of the fund, was on SportsRadio 94WIP to talk about the upcoming events for the group!

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Nick Foles is a Game Manager. Nothing more, Nothing Less.

folesFollowing a statistically incredible 2013 and with a full offseason as the starter Nick Foles was supposedly primed to break out. Instead, Foles chance to shine has removed some of his luster and we are left with what only the eye test could confirm last season. Nick Foles is a game-managing system quarterback. Nothing more, nothing less.

Depending on how you want to look at it, it could be a good thing or a bad thing.

Old school NFL tradition considers game managers and system quarterbacks to be dirty labels—the kind of language that isn’t suitable for the likes of Lambeau field. It means, simply, that your quarterback cannot play because he is by default not elite. This is wrong.

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Flyers Begin Tonight!

Welcome back Hockey and Flyers fans alike! It’s Christmas day for us puck heads, as the puck drops on the 2014-2015 NHL season. The Flyers begin with a 7:30 puck drop against the mighty Boston Bruins.

This season will likely be a tough one for the Flyers. With an extremely thin blue line, with Kimmo Timmonen out indefinitely with blood clots the Flyers will need someone to step up as a leader on the blue line.

It’s difficult as a team to do serious damage without their top 2 defensemen (Pronger is still technically on the roster under the LTIR.) Put simply, it sucks. The Flyers leaned heavily on Timmonen last year as the anchor on the power play and without him they’ll likely look towards Andrew MacDonald.

On the offensive side of the puck it looks a little more bright. Claude Giroux will again be the catalyst coming off a slow start to the 2013-2014 season, he’ll need to come off quick this year to show last year’s early season struggles were a fluke.

Brayden Schenn is coming on with a nice “bridge” contract, 2 years/5million. He’ll look to prove his worth for his big money contract by working on the 2nd line and racking up the points.

"Dude... what the fuck are you talking about?"

Under the new leadership at the GM, Ron Hextall is working with a relatively young team and even younger team in the minor’s and rights in the juniors. This is a year of “what is the future” in my eyes.

Unfortunately , with these kind of years I don’t see much how the Flyers will be serious contenders. What works in their favor is the serious lack luster Eastern Conference, expect for the juggernaut in the Boston Bruins, it’s very open. Having said that, I don’t see the Flyers making the playoffs this year, narrowly on the outside looking in.

Enjoy the cold and vulcanized rubber puck heads!

Maclin Making Jackson Easy to Forget

MaclinOver the course of the offseason the question was a simple one for the Eagles: How do you replace DeSean Jackson’s production?

In the 2013 season Jackson had a career year with  82 catches for 1332 yards and 9 TD’s. He might have cured cancer and found the Lindbergh baby too for all I know–there was quite an uproar when he was cut and rule of thumb is that you can’t cut game-breaking, baby-saving talent like that. Meanwhile, Jeremy Maclin was a forgotten man as he recovered from a torn ACL during the madly scientific success of 2013. He was also Jackson’s perfect replacement.

Again, the question was always “how do we replace Jackson’s production” not “how do we replace that qualities that Jackson has?”

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Roger Goodell Thinks You’re Stupid

It has not been a banner few weeks for the National Football League. I should feel compelled to write about the Bills starting 2-0 after being purchased by a local owner, determined to keep the beloved small-market team in the market that loves it so. I should want to write about how dumb Lovie Smith was for thinking Josh McCown was a viable starting quarterback, or the Chargers beating the Seahawks, or how the Cowboys defense has been so much better than that collection of players has any business being. It isn’t as though these have been two boring weeks on the field. Even so, the first two weeks of the NFL’s 2014 season have been defined by stories of domestic abuse and the appropriateness of corporal punishment. I did not think it was possible for the return of America’s favorite sport to take a backseat to other stories in the sports scene, but that’s exactly what has happened.

Fortunately, Roger Goodell is on the job (said no one ever). And his solution to the NFL’s current image problem is to send every player to seminar programs on domestic violence, presumably during the upcoming offseason and possibly future offseasons: another completely empty gesture that accomplishes nothing, being done exclusively for appearances. Wonderful. Goodell’s inexcusable job performance over the last month is well-documented, perhaps overly so, so let’s focus on this particular course of action, unveiled at a press conference after a week of hiding, where every word was carefully selected and every question balletically tip-toed around. There is no argument to be made in favor of this seminar.

Why shouldn’t the players learn about domestic abuse?

By suspending Ray Rice for an incredibly lenient two games, Roger Goodell displayed a staggering lack of awareness with regard to everything about domestic violence. It seems like HE is the one who has a thing or two to learn on domestic violence. He’s sending the players to learn about it instead. What a message to send to the Union you’re going to be negotiating with in the future: If I fuck the dog, YOU are going to be the ones who end up making it right. “Why not?” is not a good enough reason when you’re starting from that position.

By learning about domestic violence,  players will be less likely to abuse their spouse/fiance/girlfriend.

This argument is complete bullshit that’s based on the premise that hitting your partner is a reasoned choice.

All couples argue. The Ray Rice incident in Atlantic City is an example of what happens when an argument becomes a fight. Not all couples fight, and whether or not they do is based on how violent either or both involved parties are. That doesn’t excuse or diminish anything he did. Nothing that happens in a domestic abuse seminar is going to curb anyone’s violent tendencies. That’s the type of thing that requires years of therapy.

I would guess that a large majority of NFL players would never escalate an argument with a loved one to the point of physical blows. For those players, this seminar is a complete waste of time and energy. And for those like Ray Rice who clearly would, this seminar is not going to stop them from doing it, making it a complete waste of time and energy for them as well. Let me explain.

When Ray Rice knocked his fiancé unconscious, I don’t think he was thinking clearly. I think that he has certain violent tendencies and that he snapped. In future tense moments, and they will happen, no person capable of domestic abuse is going to have the presence of mind to summon what they learned in a seminar. They’re going to see red and they’re going to lose it.

This seminar is not going to protect future victims. It’s just Goodell’s way of trying to make you believe that he “gets it,” or that the League is “getting its house in order.” Don’t buy it.

We’re bringing awareness to the issue:

Again, we are so aware of domestic violence that a suspended, past-his-peak running back on an average team has upstaged the first two weeks of the season.

A United States Women’s National Soccer Team friendly match against Mexico generated headlines because of Hope Solo and the domestic violence case  that was so un-talked about that everyone had to talk about it immediately.

Even casual fans now know the names of Greg Hardy and Jonathan Dwyer.

One of the League’s marquee players is on indefinite suspension because “if hitting your spouse is so inexcusable, what makes hitting your child any different?”

Awareness has been brought. We have been made aware. All the NFL is hoping to do with this seminar is make you feel less aware of its own incompetence.

During Goodell’s tenure as Commissioner, my NFL fandom has changed. It has grown in scope thanks to fantasy football, and in passion as I’ve invested more time and energy into my team. As my fandom has grown, I have become more aware of this sport’s incredible ability to completely maim those who play it, and its League’s tendency to look the other way on performance-enhancing substances that exacerbate its potential to do so. I’ve seen the League stand by Daniel Snyder as he wages a campaign to insist that a catch-all term for a non-white race of people chosen by George Preston Marshall — a despicable pig of a man who was an openly racist, avowed supporter of segregation with an affinity for minstrel shows — was ever intended with honor or respect. I’ve seen Goodell mock sincerity by claiming to care about player safety. This, while John Abraham is being allowed to return to football after another concussion the season after essentially saying, “I am losing my memory. Pieces of my brain are GONE.”

I love football and I love following the NFL. Those 17 football sundays of the regular season are 17 of my favorite days of the year. And it is getting harder and harder to ignore the feeling that Roger Goodell’s continued status as Commissioner demands that I suspend my values to take enjoyment in watching. And now, by suggesting that Step 1 in “getting our house in order” is sending every player to a domestic abuse seminar, the Ginger Hammer is asking me to suspend my intelligence as well.

I hope no one falls for it. I hope no one believes that this in any way makes up for the Catastrofuck that has been his complete mismanagement of ALL of the League’s current image issues. This seminar is a non-idea from a non-idea, empty suit of a league commissioner. If Roger Goodell really cares about “protecting the shield” and “getting [the NFL’s] house in order” then his next course of action should be obvious: get as far away from the house as possible.

Making Friends With the Enemy: Eagles vs Skins 9/21/14


In this installment of MFWE our good friend and Washington Sports obsessive Pete Curtin returns to answer some questions about the division rival!

1. DeSean Jackson has had a few months in town at this point. Any headaches yet?

There haven’t been headaches, but there hasn’t been anything to be too happy about either. He hasn’t caused any particularly big ripples in the locker room, on the field, off the field, or in front of the media. That may be precisely the problem. DeSean Jackson was Washington’s biggest offseason acquisition and he has yet to make an impact. It’s only been two weeks and he was injured early against the Jags, but you would have thought or at least hoped that we would have seen SOMETHING by now. Apart from a long completion in the 1st quarter against Jacksonville that was incorrectly ruled an incompletion, he has yet to be the game-changer he was brought in to be.

2. The nation seems to be down on the ability of RGIII, is DC not believing in him too?

This is a very contentious issue that brings out the worst in every fan, so let’s all take a moment to compose ourselves … okay … There are many fans of the Washington Football Team who are down on the abilities of Robert Griffin III. Those fans are convinced that Kirk Cousins is a superior option and, potentially, is a franchise QB. These are people I do not understand.

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Playing Catch-up: Eagles Beat the Colts, The NFL Sucks, and What’s on the Horizon

So there’s been a lot going on in the last week and so I’d like to get through it all in a rapid-fire style:

Eagles vs Colts:

  • Nick Foles looked below average again this week. He missed a number of screens, deep balls, and seemed generally like he had drunk goggles on. Some decent decisions on the read-option, but that’s about it.
  • Can we all agree that Riley Cooper stinks again? Hauling in a single catch for 8 yards against Indy, the most productive thing that he’s done was tell Sproles to give the ball to the refs following a long run to keep things moving.
  • If I could reincarnate as anything in the world it’d be Darren Sproles. Respected by the big boys, but small enough to be allowed on the slide at Dutch Wonderland.
  • Our defensive line is by no means a sure thing this year despite the level of talent available. If they continue to play this poorly, I think you need to look at the scheme.
  • No real use of the stack formation from the Eagles yet. Not a huge deal, but certainly surprising.
  • Parkey has finally done us wrong, but he came through when it mattered. Do you have any doubt about him?

The National Football Legal Issues

  • Ray Rice was the major topic on last week’s episode of sports beyond Measure. Check it out here!
  • Adrian Peterson being suspended is a bad case as well, but doesn’t it feel like the public is exhausted from all of this NFL stuff now? There’s not nearly the same level of uproar.
  • The NFL is finally getting something right and changing the drug policy. About time!

Sixers and Flyers

  • We’re almost at the best time of the year: The Sixers, Flyers, and Eagles all going at once. Nerlens Noel, Scott Laughton. There’s some young blood to be excited about, people!

Eagles vs Skins

  • We have a Making Friends with the Enemy on the way. Stay tuned.

Sunday Recap: Eagles Wake Up vs Jags, Show Team Identity

sprolesLet me start by saying that if you’re reading this post CONGRATULATIONS! You didn’t throw yourself off of a bridge prior to the second half of yesterday’s game! Thank you for sticking with us!

When reflecting on yesterday’s game I can’t help but think that this was the best possible outcome for the Birds. The first-half thrashing by Jacksonville was a fitting calibration for the team and fans alike as we move from the inflated expectations of the offseason into the reality of the NFL.

Some of the major points of emphasis?

1. Nick Foles is by no means a god. He was miserable and then he got worse before balancing out in the second half. Errant throws, holding on to the ball, and underwhelming with his deep power. This kid still has a lot to work on. He’s by no means a star.

2. The secondary is still a major point of concern. Cary Williams specifically was awful as he was regularly torched by an undrafted rookie wide receiver. Malcolm Jenkins also bit on a screen that led to a touchdown. Then you consider that the team’s best defensive playmaker in Brandon Boykin was sidelined because of personnel packages and my confidence wanes. They have a lot to prove this year.

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