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  1. Jim McLaughlin

    First Time Reader. Good Stuff!
    Smart not allowing Brian Thomas’ uneducated opinions to be published!

  2. Jim McLaughlin

    Maybe as a column idea, stupid fantasy football draft picks.

  3. I could be your fantasy football expert, seeing is that Im the best.

  4. Should I be happy that David Wilson is the best Running Back on the Giants, for his fumbling and now not playing, causing the Giants to being 0 and 2?

    Or should I be upset that David Wilson was my feature Running Back in Fantasy Football and that he is directly responsible for me being 0 and 2?

  5. How about updating the Team boxes at the bottom. Count down the Eagles opening game. Sixers and Flyers too. Phillies count down to last game. C’mon man, get it together. This is the only place I come to get my sports knowledge.

    What about Penn State and Temple football? No love there? James Franklin will be AP Coach of the Year in 3 years. Where is the PSU alum and why isn’t he writing about this? I look at his picture and I know why. Where is the Temple guy writing about Temple.

    No love for soccer either. I loved it in JUne and July, and hate it now. Where is the Wooder Cooler thoughts?

    • Jim, much appreciated with the critiques. I get what you’re saying and I know that the site has been lagging a little. It’s with good reason I promise. Hoping to make a big change shortly.

  6. Jim McLaughlin


    I was just having fun with you. However, to be truthful, I have been so busy, the Wooder Cooler as been my sole source of sports lately.

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