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Video: Chip Kelly’s Oregon Offense – Can It Work for the Eagles?

There’s no one more annoying than that kid that runs the same plays over and over again in Madden. What’s worse is when those bullshit plays actually work. If you call a defense to stop one of the plays, he has a counter. It may seem simple, but it’s destructive, and you have no chance at ever winning.

Well, Chip Kelly is that kid, and he’s the Eagles’ coach whether we like it or not.

His offense at Oregon was not particularly complicated and it eviscerated most college defenses. With a variety of read options and screens, Kelly’s offense was easily adaptable and constantly created mismatches.

Obviously this move is controversial considering Kelly has no NFL experience and uses all these gimmicks at such an inferior level, with Heath Evans leading the charge against such lunacy.

Surely no coach would ever use such a Mickey Mouse offense against the best of the best in the NFL.

Well, now that I think about it, maybe one or two would… watch this video Hank helped me put together. Seriously. If you think Chip Kelly’s system can’t work at the NFL level, watch and explain to me why.

Produced by Hank Mushinski, Analysis and Commentary by Nick Carroll. The reproduction of game footage herein is for educational purposes only.

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Fan Review – Week 15: Brandon Graham

After re-watching this game against Cincinnati, it’s impossible to come away anything but highly impressed with the performance of Brandon Graham. Graham (6’2″, 265) spent the entire night simply dominating a much larger right tackle in Andre Smith (6’4″, 335). Over the 51 plays Graham notched three sacks, a forced fumble, five QB hurries, and a place in my heart with his relentless effort.

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Film Room – Michael Vick gets Pollard’d

There was good and bad from the Eagles offense last week,  but I only have time to show you one play. I’m warning you now, this one is pretty fugly.

Film Review – Vick to Harbor TD v. the Browns

In this week’s video review, I thought it would be cool to take a look at the play call on the winning touchdown to Clay Harbor two Sundays ago against the Browns.

Sometimes we don’t fully appreciate that receivers aren’t only responsible for developing a good sense of timing with their quarterback. They also have to learn the subtleties of playing with their fellow receivers. This play is a pretty good illustration of how multiple receivers can contribute to producing a positive result on a passing play.

Here’s what I saw…

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Eagles Preseason Week 2 at Patriots: What happened on 3rd down?

For the second preseason week in a row, the Eagles failed to get off the field on third down time and time again. This week, the starters played deep into the third quarter, ample time to evaluate their play, even against backups. And given that tonight’s game against the Browns will feature the most vanilla game plan you’re likely to ever see from an Andy Reid squad, a look back at last week’s game should be more instructive than anything you’ll see tonight.

So let’s go to the tape to see what happened…

Notes and analysis after the click…

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Why Bell Got Benched

Image courtesy of bleedinggreennation.comAlthough it was mostly a footnote in the Philly sports media world, Demetress Bell getting benched in favor of King Dunlap caught me by surprise. I knew that the offensive line didn’t look very good against the Steelers this past Thursday, but I hadn’t noticed Bell in particular. So I went back to examine what happened, and the results were far uglier than I imagined.

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