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Around the Cooler 3/20/14: Locker Room Politics

rollins200517 Here’s what we’re talking about:

  • The curious cases of DeSean Jackson and Jimmy Rollins (0:00)
  • The Flyers are heating up! How does their next week look? (22:00)
  • March Madness, draft prospects, and the importance of winning (29:30)
  • The viability of two sport athletes in today’s game (39:00)

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NCAA Tourney Challenge!

FinalFourHey everyone!

You know that thing that you degenerately gamble on every year? Do it with us! For free!

We’re running a bracket challenge on ESPN and would like to compete against anyone interested (maybe for a prize? I’m working on it). If you’re interested in joining us, write a message on our facebook page or tweet at us and we’ll get you the info! Also, trash talk is strongly encouraged!

Thanks and good luck screw your crappy bracket.


-The Wooder Cooler


Around the Cooler 11/24/13: Trading for the Worse

Here’s what we’re talking about:

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

  • Who is this team and what are some trade options available? (0:00)
  • Prospect watch! Is Wiggins still on top? (13:24)

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Around the Cooler 10/24/13: Started from the Bottom We’re Still Here

Here’s what we’re talking about:

  • Ray Boyd gets his first crack at the podcast!
  • The NBA GMs survey was released. Just how were the Sixers involved?
  • Nerlens Noel and Arnett Moultrie out for the year. Ouch? (5:45)
  • J-Rich is out too and he looks like this —–>
  • Will the Sixers win 18 games this year? (14:02)
  • The Sixers are below the salary floor! (19:25)
  • Who are some possible pleasant surprises on the squad? (21:10)

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Nerlens no more

Courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Just in case anyone was worried that a healthy, mid-season return by 6th overall pick Nerlens Noel would galvanize a Sixers roster full of chaff into a team capable of winning actual basketball games and thus sabotaging our A-1 Abrams of a season, don’t. (after all, that run-on sentence was far more concerning)

Head coach Brett Brown revealed that our prized rookie will likely be held out the entire season to ensure optimum losses in both games and attendance fully recover from a torn ACL suffered last February.

Here’s Brown’s quote courtesy of ESPN NBA Rumor Central:

nerlens news

 Here’s the full story outside of ESPN’s Insider status 

So there ya have it, something else to look forward to in the oh-so-distant 2014-2015 campaign. And, yet another reason to avoid CSN every other night between October 30th and April 16th.

Read on for some quick takes on Nerlens and his new timetable…

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March Madness: Scouting for the Sixers

The madness is upon us! No, I’m not talking about the coma-inducingly stupid idea of resigning Andrew Bynum’s dismembered kneecaps. I’m talking about the 19 day, 64 team sprint of delirium that is the NCAA tournament.

Buzzer-beaters, upsets and poor basketball will abound[1] but that’s not the important thing. No, the important thing about the tournament is the opportunity it affords us to scout for future pro talent.

And boy if you’re a Sixers fan you know how badly we need talent. There are few positions we don’t need to upgrade. Unfortunately, this is a thought to be a relatively weak draft by recent standards. There are no “sure-fire” stars. Hell, there’s not even a sure-fire first pick yet.[2]

Double-unfortunately, the Sixers, soon to be mathematically eliminated from a playoff race they’ve been out of for a month, don’t know how to lose strategically. Their scant but nonetheless painful Pyrrhic victories have them set to draft somewhere in 8-11 range this June.

Stuck in that veritable lottery no-man’s land[3], it’s unlikely the 7-6 will be able to land a truly transformative player to build upon, but that won’t stop me from hoping.

Here are some players to keep an eye on, to kindle the imagination for a brighter 2013 Sixers season[4]. I’ve taken the liberty of breaking them down by tournament region.

Midwest Region

Mason Plumlee, Duke Blue Devils – 6’11, 245lbs, 23 years old

NBA Comparison: Older, more loathsome, Meyers Leonard

First tournament game: 3/22 vs. Albany

God I hate the Plumlees. They would be a small step up from the Winklevoss’ but there are three of them, which more than makes up the difference. Plumlee, like his older brothers is a hyper-athletic big man that is someone light on the actual skills and heavy on overwhelming college level players. He’s put up arguably better college numbers than the other Plumlae[5], but I don’t think that much changes his rather modest pro outlook.  There’s not a good track record of drafting big, raw, white dudes. Nor is there a good track record of drafting old (relatively) college players. I don’t think Mason Plumlee will buck either trend. Also he went to Duke…so there’s that.

 Scouting Video

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Sixers Cheat Sheet: 3/7 – 3/13

jrueWhile the 2012-2013 Sixers’ season coasts towards an end, the team is handling business as usual. In this case, meaning that still nothing makes sense. After playing with the Heat through three quarters the Sixers lost the contest in 4th, followed by another loss to the Magic and a shocking 106-97 win over the Nets at home. We don’t understand it either.

With 19 games left to play, the Sixers are now 24-39.

Playoff Picture:

Seed Team Record Gms. Left
7 Atlanta 34-29 19
8 Milwaukee 32-30 20
Toronto 25-39 18
Sixers 24-39 19


  • Arnett Moultrie was starting to get consistent minutes off of the bench, then Doug Collins woke up and decided we don’t need to a evaluate a young, talented big when we have studs like Damien Wilkins…
  • Jrue Holiday is in a bit of a slump. But seems to be coming out of it a little bit, or at least not forcing it, after good outings against Miami and Brooklyn
  • Nick Young is still out with a sprained ankle.

More after the break… Read the rest of this entry

Sixers Cheat Sheet: 2/28 – 3/6

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Atlanta HawksThe Sixers season had already begun to take a turn from bad to ugly, but now it seems like the next step is rock bottom. The team followed a surprising win over the Golden State Warriors with a head scratching loss to the Wizards and ended up 1-3 for the week. The team is now 23-36. However, that’s not the worst of the Sixers’ troubles…


- The tank is on as the Sixers continue to plummet like a stone

- Bynum and management weight the options of him undergoing what would be, officially, season ending knee surgery to clear out loose cartilage

- Promising rookie Arnett Moultrie continues to be, well promising. Now with Collins giving him minutes to work with off the bench.

- Jrue Holiday suffers through worst slump of the season, going hitting only 13 of his last 48 shots.

More after the break… Read the rest of this entry

Sixers Cheat Sheet 2/20 – 2/27 (Starting off on the wrong foot)

That look about sums it up.

That look about sums it up.

No, your eyes have not deceived you. Just as we run a Flyers Cheat Sheet, we’ll now be doing a Sixers Cheat Sheet throughout the rest of the season! Enjoy!

The Sixers went into the All-Star Break with a record of 22-29, a two game losing streak, and an outside view of the playoffs. So, with Bynum allegedly returning after the break, would the Sixers be able to get it together?

The answer so far is no.

The Sixers went 0-4 against Minnesota, Miami, New York, and Orlando and fell to a 22-33 record while Bynum still rehabs his ailing knees.

Much much more after the break:  Read the rest of this entry

Bynum’s return delayed, may miss February goal, world reeling from shock

bynum 5

Well the headline kinda says it all, even I couldn’t bury this lead. It looks like flareups of pain in his left knee are back and limiting his practice and weight-loss (yeah…) goals.

But don’t take it from me, here’s the official word from Rumor Central:

bynum update 2

More thoughts and some video of Andrew actually moving after the break…

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