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Flyers Hit New Low Over Weekend, Where Do They Go From Here?

Friday night against the Washington Capitals was easily one of the most embarrassing games played by a group of players to put on the orange and black.

In a game where the ultimately lost 7-0, throw in a line brawl, including Ray Emery absolutely destroying Braden Holtby and 99 total penalty minutes, the Philadelphia Flyers franchise reached a new low.

Now I won’t post the video of the brawl as fellow Wooder Cooler contributor Vince Quinn has done so in his article.

from USA Today

from USA Today

The question that must be asked after the whole ordeal is where will the Flyers go from this point. They won the following night in New Jersey, 1-0 and Ray Emery had the start and turned away all 14 shots he faced.

I believe following 99 total penalty minute night, Head Coach Craig Berube got to the Flyers on being disciplined, posting just 10 minutes of penalties against New Jersey.

My own hope is that Flyers fans that continue to follow this team with blind loyalty finally realize and understand how far behind the times this franchise has become. Which I’ve already partially discussed in my last article but honestly if Friday night against Washington didn’t open fans’ eyes, I’m not sure what will.

But where does this franchise go from this low point?

Hopefully no where but up. The win in New Jersey definitely helps but clearly more work needs to be done.

The team needs to remain consistent on the discipline. Despite the penalty kill working at 84.2% and 10th in the league, they need to be kept off the ice as much as possible.

Prior to Friday night the team was only shorthanded a combined 7 times over the 3 previous games, They were shorthanded 7 times against Washington and 5 times against New Jersey.

The team is a frustrating bunch to watch to say the least for fans, boiling over as well in the Washington game with chants of “Fire Homer” in reference to General Manager Paul Holmgren.

As a fan base, I believe the base is turning the “blind loyalty” into frustration and anger toward a front office that is reluctant to a new NHL.

It’s a turn for the better in my opinion this team needs a serious wake up call, if a front office won’t do it themselves maybe the fan base can do it.

Flyers (4-9-0) are back on the ice Tuesday against the Hurricanes (4-7-3) in Carolina.

Flyers Need a Culture Change

It was ugly, competitive at some points but overall ugly. The Flyers and Pens played tonight to the tune of a Pittsburgh win 4-1.

After 1 period of play the game was tied at 0 but once the puck dropped for the 2nd it really began to unravel.

Kunitz’s goal that put the Pens up by 2 was the true example of where the Flyers stand this season……


That is the “culture” Ed Snider says is a culture that is a playoff team year in and year out. Guess what Snider, this team is now 1-7-0 on the season, THE WORST START IN TEAM HISTORY. Changing your coach 3 games in doesn’t exactly send a message of a team on the track to a cup. It’s more like a team on their way to the bottom.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

During the Kunitz goal I honestly thought the Flyers were replaced by Zombies. No one seemed to be in position, no skating to the 50/50 pucks. Leaving the door open for Kunitz to bury one and put the team up by 2.

Simmonds ended up tipping one in for the Flyers with 2 seconds left in the 2nd period but it really didn’t mean much, most Flyers fans knew the outcome already. The Flyers are completely out of sorts. The young guns aren’t developing correctly, the veterans are old and slow and on the downhill of their careers.

Craig Berube stated in his press conference when hired that the 70s style hockey isn’t part of this game anymore and he is fully correct. The beautiful game we call hockey is now about speed. But it seems he is the only one within the offices that gets that. Ed Snider is stuck in 1975 (the Franchise’s second and most recent Cup), and if the owner isn’t willing to adapt a change in the team then who can over rule him?

Ed, it’s time for a culture change for the Flyers and that change starts with you.¬† Read the rest of this entry

Tye McGinn Slowly Sparking the Flyers

It’s been a frustrating start to the season for the Philadelphia Flyers, however the last two games, despite loses, have shown pockets of bright spots.

Two games since being called up, Tye McGinn is quickly making  his presence known.

Despite the Flyers being 0-2 since McGinn getting the call, he’s improving himself and the team.

McGinn notched his first goal of the season in his first game against Detroit and then added 2 more against Vancouver Tuesday night.

McGinn was called up after both Scott Hartnell and Vinny Lecavalier went down due to injuries. Honestly though I don’t see how McGinn wasn’t on the opening night roster against Toronto but he’s on the roster now so he’s earning his keep.

With Hartnell out possibly 3-4 weeks, McGinn was put on the top line with Giroux and Voracek and the way he’s been playing he’ll likely stay there when Hartnell comes back.

Despite losing Saturday to Detroit, McGinn’s presence clearly sparked something in the Flyers and the offensive production is starting to improve. The captain, Claude Giroux, finally woke up from his slump and registered his first assist and point against Detroit with McGinn on his line. He even got another Tuesday night on one of McGinn’s 2 goals.

The team still has a lot to work on but things are moving forward and McGinn has made some of that movement happen. He’s a young gun at 23, being that young and creating a spark now could really foreshadow what this guy will bring in the years to come.

The team is 1-6-0 on the season, not exactly pretty, however, the next game is against the Pittsburgh Penguins, you want the team to get fired up and back on track? A game against your arch rival across the state can help.


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