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Houston Texans v Dallas Cowboys

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Tony Romo was not a popular man in Philadelphia. His retirement is likely being celebrated across the Delaware Valley. Except by me.

Everyone wants to highlight the flaws. His PGA tour tryouts during minicamps, the dating of superstar girlfriends, his occasional lack of composure. They’re fair complaints, but they don’t properly encompass the man.

I like Tony Romo.  The guy was undrafted out of Eastern Illinois in 2003 and wound up being a top 10 NFL QB over the course of his 10 seasons as the Cowboy’s starter. It’s incredibly rare. He was mobile, had a plus arm, and wasn’t a shitty human being.

Here’s Romo by the numbers:

Record Comp % Yards TDs INT
78-49 65.3% 34,183 248 117

It’s a good career by any standards. For an undrafted quarterback it’s one of the best careers EVER behind only Kurt Warner. He took the Cowboys to the playoffs in a perennially tight division four times and went 2-4 in those appearances.

Here’s the other thing, Tony Romo was injured a lot, but he was tough. Literally all of the starts that Tony Romo missed during the course of his career were due to a broken collarbone or a broken back. They’re injuries you simply can’t play with. Also consider that prior to age 35 when Romo’s body finally broke down, he’d only missed 15 games in nine seasons. Ten of which were from a broken collarbone in 2010.

Say what you will, but Tony Romo was a guy that answered the bell for Dallas week in and week out for a decade. He was a source of stability in world run by Jerry Jones. He went 12-8 against the Eagles including a playoff win in 2009. Give the man his due.

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  1. I will reserve judgement, until I find out that his Dallas Cowboy allegiance is left at home during his broadcasts.

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