The Eagles Should Look Ugly on Purpose

kelly-greenThe NFL won’t let the Eagles have kelly green alternate helmets. As a result, the Eagles have suggested they won’t wear kelly green uniforms. The logic is that kelly green uniforms with midnight green helmets would be an ugly sight. They’re right. It’s also exactly why they should wear it.

Wearing midnight green helmets with kelly green jerseys would be a chance for revolution against a tyrannical NFL. When the Eagles would stroll onto the field in the national spotlight even your most casual fans would take notice. “Why do the Eagles look like a vomit smoothie?” The league embarrassment and subsequent bad press would force the NFL to publicly debate the alternate helmet rules. I guarantee they would be changed for the 2018 season.

You might be thinking: are the helmet rules making players safer?

No. The science behind it is questionable at best. It’s basically founded on the idea that broken in helmets are safer. However, there’s many reports that state there’s no real difference between a new helmet and a used one.

The rule also implies something ridiculous: that alternate helmets couldn’t be broken in. If teams are wearing helmets from June through the entirety of the season, there’s no reason that the Eagles can’t practice in, and therefore break in, kelly green helmets by the time the season began.

Maybe this will catch the league’s attention: IT’S COSTING THEM MONEY!

And that’s what makes the whole thing so silly. When it comes to this case of kelly green in Philadelphia, the decision to not allow alternate uniforms is costing the NFL millions of dollars in merchandise. Millions. Over a dumb, outdated rule. I’d buy a kelly green Malcolm Jenkins tomorrow. The NFL prefer’s that never happen.

The Eagles have said that they hope to revist the issue again next year, but I don’t expect any progress to be made without radical measures. The Eagles submitted the rule change for alternate helmets this year it didn’t even reach the Competition Committee. The Eagles were essentially told in private that the rule would not pass under any circumstance. As a result, the Eagles withdrew the proposal.

Roger Goodell’s NFL is much like what I was taught as a kid. It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission. Jeffrey Lurie should do the same.

Make our beloved birds ugly as sin, Mr. Lurie. Parade them out on national television with midnight green helmets and kelly green uniforms. Force the NFL to change to change the rules and get us the kelly green we all crave.

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