Improving the NBA Fan Experience


“Silver, bro. I got this.”

Adam Silver put out an edict yesterday that slammed owners for allowing star players to sit. The idea being that games without good players provide a bad fan experience. Simple, true.

It got me thinking…..what would improve the NBA game experience for me? My answer is simple and I’m taking it directly from the NCAA tournament.

Can we get full bands at games? Give me striped shirts and trumpets. Give me tubas playing covers of Chainsmokers and funny foul shot rituals. Brining a college atmosphere to professional games would be an obvious step forward and something that everyone would enjoy.

Are dancers and hip hop (no not that one) at games fun? Sometimes. The environment is lively and the tempo seems fast and hip. It’s also…..boring. Especially when it’s 41 games a year, every year. I don’t need to hear Flo Rida’s “OOOOOOOOOO sometimes!” for the billionth time when I can get Archie and the Brass Bros bumping “24k Magic” by Bruno Mars.

From a Sixers perspective, give me it 6 games a year. Nova, Drexel, Temple, LaSalle, St. Joe’s, and Penn each send the band over for one night only during the season. Alums can use it an as excuse to get together, players and coaches bond over their college game days, and we can get a feeling that we all love in an environment where it’s never seen.

Hand, meet glove. Thanks!

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  1. Vince, have them play a game or two at the Palestra with streamers coming from the stands when the home team scores its first basket. Shit I am really dating myself.

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