Antonio Brown Makes Fletcher Cox Look Silly

Did you see Antonio Brown signed a new deal with the Steelers? It’s a record breaker. A four year contract for $68 million dollars–a $17 million average. It’s a fair price for the best, most consistent receiver in the NFL. As an Eagles fan, it’s a punch in the gut.

Why? Fletcher Cox averages the same amount per year. Yes, the Eagles defensive tackle makes  just as much as the game’s best wide receiver in a pass happy league. It’s ludicrous.

When you turn the clock back a year to when Cox was signed to that gargantuan over-payment the argument was this:

“He’s a young star player. The market dictates that price, so that’s the price you pay.”

That’s true. Cox would have made a similar deal on the open market, but market value and actual value are completely different.

The market value in this case comes from Ndamukong Suh’s 2015 contract. The Dolphins, a terrible organization, paid him $114 million over six years. It was a record contract in number and futility. The Lions were average when Suh was there on a rookie deal and the Dolphins are…..floundering (I couldn’t help myself) with him currently. The top contract THE YEAR BEFORE was only five years for $55 million dollars. It was signed by Geno Atkins of the Bengals.

Nevertheless, Howie Roseman was “forced” to overpay Cox. I don’t think so. Since when are the Dolphins a role model? Roseman should have let Cox walk. Defensive tackle isn’t a premium position.

“But then you get nothing for him!”

You don’t get picks or players, but you get boatloads of money! Money that Roseman could have used for a whole host of players or a more valuable star. Josh Norman, for example, makes $2 million dollars less than Cox per year. I’d make that swap in a heart beat.

Or maybe Roseman can we trade Cox for Brown? They’re worth the same.

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