Hinkie’s Shadow Could Last Longer than Bryan Colangelo


hinkieBryan Colangelo has been failing spectacularly in every aspect of his job this past week. Meanwhile, Sam Hinkie is impressing from the dead. For Colangelo, it could mean his third stop as a GM ends in shame.

Here’s the problem: every general manager looks to make a mark on the organization early in their tenure, but Colangelo will have no such chance. Hinkie is too deeply embedded into the future of the franchise.

How so? As Hinkie built for the future Sixers, he compiled extra first round picks all the way out until 2019 and he will deserve some credit until then. Take a look!

Ben Simmons (Tanking): Hinkie
Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot (OKC pick): Hinkie
Furkan Korkmaz (Miami pick): Hinkie.
Kings pick swap in 2017: Hinkie.
The Lakers first round pick will convey by 2018: Hinkie
The Kings 2019 pick: Hinkie

That’s four seasons worth of Hinkie looming over Colangelo. Does Colangelo last four years? Not at this rate.

Long live The King.


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