Josh Harris Never Loved You

harrisIt’s been said many times that “sports is a business” but for Joshua Harris business is his business. He doesn’t give a damn about the 76ers or their fans.

We’ve known this all along, right? When Harris and his group of hedge fund managers bought the Sixers in 2011 there was never a sense of marriage between fans and ownership. It’s felt more like befriending a stranger on a plane. The bond brief and shallow with the sale of the team imminent.

We’re still waiting for the plane to land as Harris turns a once proud basketball franchise into a circus. It’s been putrid…depending on who you talk to.

Fans will talk of frustration and lies. They’ll talk of pricier tickets and false CT scans. Forbes will tell you about a new practice facility, a gigantic sales force, and $800 million dollars worth of value.

To Harris, the latter is what matters. Fobes doesn’t give a shit what the fans think as long as they pay money. So why should Harris care? If Harris DID give a damn about the fans he’d have pushed Bryan Colangelo to be more honest in regards to Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons’ injuries. He writes the checks, therefore he writes the culture.

Instead we’re stuck with a regime that is cold, uncaring, and outright disrespectful to their paying customers. As a result, fans need to ask a new question. When will Harris finally sell?

Unfortunately, it may be a while. The Sixers are currently in a long contract with the Wells Fargo Center and the largest value for franchises comes from owning the building you play in. If Harris waits it out, which is more likely, Sixers fans will be in for some extended turbulence.

However, Harris and his group have already tripled their investment in the Sixers, which they initially bought for $280 million. Perhaps they cut bait now and invest their profits elsewhere instead of waiting for the WFC contract to expire.

Either way. It’s just business.

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