Gronk Makes Me Question the Sixers

Rob Gronkowski is great. He’s an other worldly football player that, if he could, would get implants in his legs so that he’d always stand at 6’9″.  What’s not to love?

gronkWell I don’t love that Joel Embiid is basically the same guy. Ridiculously talented, goofy, likable, and injury prone. It’s a cloud that’s going to hang over him the entirely of his career. Even the most devout Process Trusters will whisper to each other over PBR’s the next few years that everything is going perfectly “assuming Embiid stays healthy”.

Which brings me back to the Pats. As I write this they’re parading in Boston and Gronk has been an unsurprisingly visible figure. He also hasn’t played a game since November 27th–week 11 of the NFL season–yet the Pats still took home the Lombardi. They won without a generational talent and their second biggest star.

So seeing that I realize I can’t rely on Embiid to be fully healthy throughout his career. There’s no precedent for it. If he wants to take this team over the top Bryan Colangelo is going to have to work significantly harder. He has to build a team that can win without Joel Embiid because there’s no assurance to the contrary. The Sixers need to be good enough to win a title without their superstar.

Think about it. Do you bet on Embiid’s over the next year? Sure. You’ll get enough out of him. How do you feel about him 3 years from now when they’re hopefully competing? What about 7 or 8 years from now as his max contract expires? I’m not paying that insurance plan.

Maybe Ben Simmonds proves he can lead a title team when he returns. At least, I certainly hope so.

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