Game Day: (M***** F******* YEAH!)


The wait is finally over. All of the preseason news about nothing, the trash talking about you inevitably miserable fantasy team, the Sundays spent being productive come to a screeching halt at 1pm. Rejoice! You’ve lived to see another Sunday of NFL football!

Through the rest of the season I’ll make sure to provide what to watch for for the Eagles, but for now I’d like to make a season overview.

My predictions of the Eagles, the division, and beyond:

  • Assuming the team stays healthy, the Eagles go as far as its defensive line. They’re the true X-factor. 
  • Eagles go 10-6 carried mostly by a weak division.
  • Sproles runs the ball more than you think. Perhaps three to five times a game.
  • Mychal Kendricks makes no such leap that people have suggested. He stays middling. 
  • The Giants will be the second best team in the division with an 8-8 record.
  • Dallas has 6 wins this season. Jason Garrett is finally put out of his misery and allowed to find a real job.
  • Nick Foles proves to be stable (not amazing, but solid). He’ll be extended for $14 million a year for four years.
  • Also, the Eagles had 98 passing plays and 24 rushing plays of 20 yards or more last year. That number drops quite a bit.
  • Washington goes 7-9, DeSean makes a middling impact (~950 yards, 6 TDs) and he makes news being an asshole.
  • The Packers lack of defense leaves them as an average team. Chicago takes the NFC North.
  • Carolina falls off of a cliff. 12-4? Never again. In fact, they don’t make the playoffs.
  • Why? Three NFC West teams make it in. 
  • The Saints go to the NFC title game. Last season no longer matters, San Fran is creeping downhill.
  • Ray Rice has a pretty solid season. The team won’t but Rice gets over 1,400 total yards despite the suspension.
  • Riley Cooper is benched for Matthews heading into the Arizona game, which follows a bye.
  • The guy you kill yourself for skipping over in fantasy football? Knowshon Moreno
  • The guy you totally overdrafted? Andre Ellington
  • I’m in seven fantasy leagues this year. I will win at least two. Yeah, I said it.
  • This entire season is nothing but waiting for Denver and Seattle to meet again. Just being honest.
  • Even if Denver wins the Super Bowl this year, Peyton Manning comes back next season. He can’t step away.
  • The Houston Texans will be a playoff team this year and Chip Kelly’s name will be entwined with Bill O’Brien for the forseeable future.

Agree? disagree? Let me know!

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