Serena Williams Loses Her Powers

So it was brought to my attention the other day, but I haven’t had the chance to post about it with the holidays and whatnot. Serena Williams, who was playing at Wimbledon throughout the last few days, showed up to her doubles match seemingly in fine shape. However, when she started warming up prior to the match she was unable to do ANYTHING related to tennis. It was as though she had the motor skills of a drunken two year old. Take a look (42 second mark on really demonstrates well):

So something was obviously seriously wrong with Serena and she has since admitted to having a serious ‘bug’. However, as stunningly weird as this was, I couldn’t help but think of an instance where this happened to a Philadelphia legend: Charles Barkley.

Creepily similar, no? The slow reaction, the dumbfounded expression—they’re exactly the same. All I’m saying is that if some time in the next few weeks Rafael Nadal goes missing, look up.

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