Sixers 2014 Draft Recap: THE CHOSEN PEOPLE

embiidFollowing a putrid, soul-crushing season for the Sixers they’ve delivered a another punch to the gut. They will most certainly tank again in 2014-15. I love it. Why?

Sam Hinkie is Moses a day after the Exodus. It’s hot as hell, his people don’t have a place to call their own, and they’ve were beaten to a pulp in what was considered to be the best of recent times. The trip to a title as a fan and general manager will not be easy. However, while I know as a fan that the journey will be long and painful the important thing is that I’m following someone who is committed to getting me to my destination.

Hinkie is on a mission and if he’s willing to wait a year or two for more young talent to join the Sixers then I’m willing to wait too. They took Joel Embiid and Dario Saric because in the distant future of 2019 when the President is a female Russian cyborg and popcorn comes from a squeeze tube the pair will hopefully be part of the best players that the NBA has to offer.

In other words, Hinkie did not settle in this draft for the sake of the now. Would having a Gary Harris play alongside Michael Cater-Williams and Nerlens Noel for his rookie season make me feel warm and fuzzy like I ate a teddy bear with a fever? Sure. I’d love to see a young core of four or five players gutting it out every night. But when it comes down it, you have to pick the guys who will become the best players.

So while patience may be wearing thin and your channel may flip to HGTV (don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone) there should be comfort found in the uncompromising commitment to fulfilling a goal according to the plan. This road has been laid out from the start. There have been no true surprises and so I’m going to relax. We’ll get to the promised land eventually.

After all, we’re the chosen people.




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