LeBron James has 3 Paths. Sixers May Be the Best One

LeBronLeBron James to Cleveland is a fantasy. It’s the bedtime story that you read to your kids so that they can believe in heroes and unicorns and endless dollar dog nights. However, the reality of the situation is ‘The Decision’ happened, Cleveland still sucks, and their owner is a clueless buffoon. The Cavaliers are a hilariously bad choice for the King at this point in his career.

So where should LeBron go? There are three realistic possibilities.

1. LeBron leaves Miami to build a new Super Power

Given the aging of Dwyane Wade (Yes, that’s how you spell it) and lack of depth, LeBron sees his legacy fading in Miami and hits the road to form a new perennial contender. While he’ll be heavily courted by all 29 other teams, two teams truly stand above the rest: Houston and Chicago. Both towns offer a large market, depth on the bench, and the star power to form another Big Three.


You can read the rest of the article over at CBSPhilly!

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