Quick Thoughts on Joel Embiid

EmbiidNotSure_crop_exactRay gave his thoughts on the Sixers options following Emiid’s injury here, but here are a few thoughts of my own:

  • Everyone has dropped Embiid’s value because of the foot. If the back injury kept him at #1, why would the foot injury lower him value?
  • Embiid is the best prospect in the draft, if the Sixers can get him at 3. Fantastic. Unlike deflowering your significant other, this is actually worth waiting for.
  • There were rumors that Cleveland was considering trading down to 3 prior to the injury. If they’re still interested, the Sixers would have to pay less to get that deal done.
  • There’s also the possibility that Embiid actually slips to the middle of the top ten (like Nerlens Noel). I wouldn’t be shocked to see the Sixers trade back a pick or two and grab Embiid then.
  • If the Sixers stay put, count on Cleveland to screw things up anyway. They’ll take Parker because they need to keep Kyrie Irving. Parker helps now. So will Milwaukee take Wiggins? That’s the big question.

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  1. Jim McLaughlin

    Now Vince, you should know that I make the best draft day trades then anybody else you know. Here is my Penn State educated opinion for the Sixers…

    Draft Joel Embiid. But not a the 3 pick. Embiid has a value of 4th to 6th round pick. Remember Noel from last year at the 4th pick.

    Trade down to the 4th or 5th pick. Do not draft Dante Exum at 3. He has not played a 5 on 5 game in a year. Exum is an unknown, in a position where you have a 20 year known commodity (MCW).

    Dangle Exum at 3, for the Magic or Jazz. Get a 2015 first round pick from either team for the rights to draft Exum. Then draft Embiid at the value pick of 4 or 5 pick overall. If Embiid is a failure then the Sixer still come out with 2 picks in 2015 lottery. If Embiid is a player, then the Sixers will team of the future and 2 more picks in next year’s draft.

    To continue with the 10th pick, draft the best player the fits the puzzle.

    Second round sleepers for the Sixers: Cleanthony Early from Witcha State at the forward.

    • I agree with Exum. I like the kid, but with MCW on the team you’d have to make a trade there. Take Embiid and be happy that you got the best prospect.

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