Sixers’ Options Following Joel Embiid Injury

(credit: Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

(credit: Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

News broke earlier today that NBA prospect Joel Embiid has suffered a stress fracture in his foot that will require surgery. Obviously this changes the course of the top three picks in the draft as Embiid was beginning to run away as the consensus number one overall pick to Cleveland. In light of this news, it appears he will now drop quite a bit.

With Embiid going one, things appeared to be setting up rather well for the Sixers. Reports had the Milwaukee Bucks favoring Jabari Parker over Andrew Wiggins so chances were the Sixers would land Wiggins, they player they covet the most, at three.

That all too convenient scenario now appears to be going out the window. The question now becomes what do the Sixers do in light of this development.

The first option is to do nothing. The Sixers could stand firm at the third and tenth picks and take the player ranked highest on their board at each spot. This option would involve the unenviable position of maybe looking at Embiid at three and either passing on him or taking him and for the third straight year, acquire a center who more than likely won’t play when the season starts.

Going down this road could also still lead to the Sixers getting either Parker or Wiggins. Reports are saying the the Cavaliers prefer Parker and that Wiggins is not a lock for Milwaukee. It would involve a lot of luck but perhaps the Cavaliers take Parker and the Bucks either take a chance on Embiid or even bypass both to take Dante Exum.

Then there is the aggressive route. The Sixers could do what some speculated they would anyway and try to trade up into the first or second slot to assure them a chance at either of the top two wing players.

Hinkie has his work cut out for him following Joel Embiid's injury.

Hinkie has his work cut out for him following Joel Embiid’s injury.

The team could perhaps package three and ten to get the Cavaliers first pick, but the consensus was that the price may be too rich for the Sixers’ blood. However, with Embiid on ice, the value for Wiggins and Parker has just gone up.

The Sixers could also take the approach of dealing three and Thaddeus Young to get up to the first pick giving Cleveland the option to take on an established veteran and still maybe get Embiid at three with the patience to let him heal. Getting a solid player like Thaddeus Young may be enough of a consolation prize for them.

The Sixers could also consider dealing future assets.

The situation for the Sixers now comes down to whether or not the team is set on taking two top ten talents regardless of who they are, or do they have their eyes set on a specific player.

What was once a bright situation for the Sixers  has become quite cloudy. We’ll see what kind of creativity Sam Hinkie has as he continues to build this team.

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