Sixers Taking Important Step To Camden

The Sixers finally snapped their historic losing streak. (credit:

The Sixers new facility will certainly give the young guys a reason to smile. (credit:

The 76ers have made it clear that their eyes are set on the future and the organization has made an important step in the process. The team has announced that they will move their headquarters and practice facility to the Camden Waterfront.

The move has been made possible due to an $82 million tax credit from the New Jersey Economic Development Authority Board. The team has announced plans to build a 120,000 square foot practice center by the summer of 2016.

The move has sparked some controversy and debate. Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter voiced his displeasure with the team’s decision to move operations across the river. There are also some conspiracy theorists who believe the move to Jersey could signal a move for the entire organization following Joshua Harris’ purchase of the NJ Devils and their stadium.

The theory was on shaky standing to begin with. Moving the operations across the river actual signals the team’s commitment to Philadelphia. There is no way the team would take up such a major project in South Jersey if they had any plans of moving the franchise.

The decision to build such a facility is an incredibly smart move by the leadership of the franchise. The Sixers are currently the only franchise in the NBA that does not own their practice facility.

The legitimacy that this area will bring to the team will make the Sixers an enticing destination for free agents. NBA players are gym rats, at least you’d hope for your players to be. Giving them a state of the art facility is more crucial now than ever before. The proposed project will be the biggest and most advanced in the NBA. If you didn’t think this ownership group was serious before, now it is very clear they are trying to build a winner.

Starting the rebuilding process, buying a D-League franchise and now building the NBA’s premiere practice facility all represent small steps that symbolize the bigger picture. The Sixers want to be a first class organization.

Camden also deserves a lot of credit. Philadelphia dropped the ball when it came to helping the team build a new facility. Camden’s decisiveness will lead to another first class building on their waterfront in addition to the Camden Aquarium and Campbell’s Field. The facility will bring jobs to the city as well as the Sixers have agreed to maintain 250 jobs to receive the tax credit.

This is a huge win-win for both sides.

The Sixers will be welcoming in a lot of young talent in the next few seasons and this facility will give them something to be proud to be welcomed into to.

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