Sixers’ Future Hangs In The Balance Tonight

Could Jabari Parker be wearing a Sixers uniform next season?

Could Jabari Parker be wearing a Sixers uniform next season?

This is what we’ve been waiting for since the announcement of the Sixers, “Together We Build,” campaign. The NBA Draft Lottery takes place tonight and the team will find out where in the deep 2014 NBA Draft they will select the next leaders of the franchise.

Today is an exciting day for the franchise. It is the first part of the rebuilding process that actually involves growth. Last season when the franchise traded away their lone All-Star in Jrue Holiday and gutted the roster, that was a regression. So to was trading away Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes while bringing in D-leaguer after D-leaguer for a tryout.

All of that was sanding away the rough edges. Letting Michael Carter-Williams grow and developing Nerlens Noel was applying the primer. Now, it’s time to apply the first strokes of fresh new paint to the new 76ers.

I hope Vince Quinn enjoys that analogy I just made.

The Sixers have the second best odds of winning the number one overall pick. The lottery system is setup in a way where the first three picks are up for grabs with each team getting odds at winning one of them.

Once the three are determined, the remaining teams get placed 4-14 based on where they finished in the standings.

The Sixers are poised to wind up with a top 4 selection and another selection around 10. Those two players will be cornerstone pieces of the new core being built by Sam Hinkie  and Brett Brown.

Andrew Wiggins is beginning to separate himself as the consensus #1.

Andrew Wiggins is beginning to separate himself as the consensus #1.

The two prizes at the top are Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker. The two wing players were the consensus top two picks before the college season started and despite some shifting, are right back where they started.

With the two of them, it is an argument between ready right now and amazing potential. Wiggins had NBA scouts and fans salivating with his 44″ vertical leap and Parker’s consistency throughout the regular season had people seeing him as a ready made addition to any NBA playoff bound roster.

It is almost a given that they will go 1 and 2 and indications are that it is around a 70-30 split for NBA executives favoring Wiggins.

The only way that doesn’t pan out, is if the freakish upside of Joel Embiid is too tempting for a team picking 1 or 2.

Embiid is pure, raw talent in a very big frame. He is drawing comparisons to Hakeem Olajuwon that actually are not ridiculous. Center prospects with his combination of scoring, athleticism and defensive prowess are very rare.

If the Sixers somehow miss out on one of those three players, there are still quite a few difference makers in this draft. Players like Dante Exum, Julius Randle and Marcus Smart could all change the fortunes of an NBA franchise.

If all goes to plan, the Sixers will add a clear cut difference maker early, another solid player in the back end of the lottery, and a group of solid second rounders in a deep draft that will see talent fall that far.

What happens on draft night will alter the immediate and long term future of this franchise in an instant.

Here is what you have been waiting for Sixers fans. The building part of the rebuild begins tonight.


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