A Lost Detail in the NFL Draft Aftermath: Bryce Brown



It was hard to imagine Bryce Brown as an Eagle this year. In fact, I gave him a notable roast with the expectation that he’d be going home. Then the Eagles traded him during the draft and I became the smartest man alive. Now to understand why trading Brown, a fringe contributor, was so intriguing you have to understand the full series of events involved.

The whole thing started when the Buffalo Bills traded up to the 4th pick in the draft. Originally slated at 9, the Bills gave the Cleveland Browns their 1st and 4th round selections in 2015 to move up. They then selected Sammy Watkins out of Clemson. That’s where the dominos fall.

Once Watkins was brought in, the Bills had a receiving core of Watkins, Robert Woods, Mike Williams and Stevie Johnson. Johnson, who was the team’s best receiver the past few seasons, was considered expendable given the depth and price tag.

He was traded to the San Francisco 49ers in exchange for a conditional pick. Specifically, the pick could be a fourth in 2015 or a third in 2016. Given that Johnson is a 27 year-old receiver with a price tag of roughly $5 million a year it was a fair deal.

However, the Bills traded that conditional pick from the 49ers to the Eagles for Bryce Brown. Yes, transitive property (there it is again), then suggests that the Bills value Stevie Johnson as the same as Bryce Brown. What!?

Here’s the numbers:

Stevie Johnson
Year G GS Rec Yds TD
2010 16 13 82 1073 10
2011 16 16 76 1004 7
2012 16 16 79 1046 6
2013 12 12 52 597 3
 Average     72 930 7


Bryce Brown
Year G GS Att Yds TD
2012 16 4 115 564 4
2013 16 1 75 314 2
 Average     95 439 3

It feels like stealing from the Eagles perspective. They traded what would have been their 4th string running back in camp for the value of a starting wide receiver! That’s ridiculous.

It’s also quite humorous because the Bills are loaded with backs. They have CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson so Brown will hardly play anyway unless he has a revelation with his field vision. Consequently, it defeats the purpose of trading Johnson in the first place because of depth at receiver. They traded away depth for a lesser quality player that will never play.

Great work by Roseman to pull off such a horribly lopsided deal.


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