On Donald Sterling: Now I’m Angry

(Credit: CNN)

(Credit: CNN)

DISCLAIMER: I don’t tend to do this often. Rarely do I want to bring my own personal life or philosophies outside of sports into my writing but certain instances warrant such a response.

I have always held the belief that sports are a canvas for what we would ideally want life to be like. Everyone can be included based off their merit, despite any other traits or beliefs that they might hold. Everyone is respected and appreciated to the extent that they earn. Everyone is allowed to partake and have fun.

Following the Donald Sterling one-on-one interview that aired on Monday night on CNN, my feelings toward the entire debacle elevated to a new level.


We all remember the tape; the ignorantly laced rant about how associating with a black man would ruin the pureness and delicateness of a young lady’s whiteness (even though she isn’t white).

As a black man, I for one was more amused and surprised by the original tape than I was angered. I have yet to reach out to all the delicate white girls that I have associated with in my life to apologize for how society has looked down upon them after they posted a picture with me on their Instagram account. I plan to soon and I understand if you ladies want to remove those.

I understood why it was right to be angry and I vehemently supported the league’s decision to ban Donald Sterling for life, but how could you not laugh? I’ve had a few racist things directed at me and have certainly heard stories of what my parents and grandparents have gone through so I have real tangible things to be angry about.

All the references to juice and how sad he was made him seem more like an irritated little boy who had just scraped his knee on the playground than a wealthy, educated man. His incoherent arguing coupled with his slave owner mentality made him seem too much like a cartoon character to be overly disturbed by him.

I unfortunately in a way gave him the benefit of the doubt, as if he was nothing more than an old race horse who had just lived on a few days past his date with the glue factory. I attributed his attitude more toward incoherence and confusion than to how he actually felt.

With that said, I’m done with that mentality.

To all minorities out there, if we were angry following listening to the original recordings, we should be livid now.

This man was given a platform on Monday night to apologize for what he said. Hats off to Cooper for sitting with him and presenting him with a platform to somehow repent for what he said.

A simple apology would have sufficed, but he did not once specifically state that he was sorry for what he said and that he was sorry for everything that he has done in the past. He sounded more sorry for simply being caught.

He asserted that the Clippers players loved him still and that his boys would always play for him. He reintroduced his slave owner mentality by reminding us all that he gives them their cars and money and clothes while they work hard for him. He believes this symbiotic relationship is exactly the way things should be.

He then made himself look more foolish by trying to play the victim card. He went on about how V. Stiviano broke his heart and tricked him into saying the things he did by threatening to bring young black men to his games. Really Donald, the jealous card?

He then decided it would be a good idea to apologize to black people, by attacking one of the most prominent and respected ones in our community. He flat out called Magic Johnson (and I’m paraphrasing), an AID’s riddled slut on national television. His argument made him not only sound racist, but uneducated and out of touch with reality. Johnson doesn’t have AIDS and Cooper reminded him of that and yet he continued to say it.

I spoke to a few people who defended Sterling following the tape and I’d be curious to see if they still would. Sterling implied that successful black people, unlike successful Jewish people, abandon their own kind when they become wealthy.

I would bet every penny I have that just the wealthy black people that he signs checks for help more minorities than Sterling does. Furthermore, I’m very sure it comes from a much better place in their heart when they do.

I for one hope to see this situation disappear soon. We deserve to get back to focusing on basketball as do the players. Certain things however can not be ignored and as a society we will never move forward when there are people in positions of power and influence that have mentalities like Sterling’s.

So, part of me was hoping that this would be therapeutic to write and it has to a degree but yeah…I’M STILL ANGRY.


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