Flyers Gettin’ Hexy with New GM

Am I winking? I can't tell. It's hard.

Am I winking? I can’t tell. It’s hard.

Because this is the Flyers and of course, Paul Holmgren has been promoted. However, it’s not to award Holmgren but to promote Ron Hextall to GM.

While Hextall is well-respected, the main concern is that Holmgren is still with the team and Ed Snider isn’t getting enough marlocks to live forever. Nothing is going to change until Snyder dies. I don’t buy it.

Teams wanted to get hot and heavy with Hexy and the Flyers knew it. Vancouver and Washington specifically were mentioned as teams that were possible destinations for the former Flyers goaltender.

However, he worked with Holmgren and Snyder this year. He lived through a season that included major free agent signings and the firing of a coach. He’s aware of what he’s getting himself in to. So why would Hextall—a man in demand—settle for a job where he’s constantly overridden by upper management when he could have total freedom somewhere else?

So, assuming that Hextall will actually have say over the team what is there to expect?

Primarily, Hextall is known for his role in building the LA Kings into a winner with the help of guys that Holmgren traded away. Now he’ll bring a development-based mindset to an organization that took pride in annually rubbing their junk on antique lamps in hopes of finding a genie.

What does that mean in non-disturbing terms? I’ll explain!

Remember trading James van Riemsdyk? Remember all of the trade rumors surrounding Brayden Schenn, Sean Coutourier, and Scott Laughton? Those are done. This team will build up with their youth instead of adding players in their 30’s and hoping for the best.

It’s a new direction for the Flyers, which is all you could ask for.


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