Michael Carter-Williams Shows Maturity In Acceptance Of Rookie Of The Year

Michael Carter-Williams poses with Brett Brown after being named the NBA KIA Rookie of the Year. (credit: Sixers Twitter)

Michael Carter-Williams poses with Brett Brown after being named the NBA KIA Rookie of the Year. (credit: Sixers Twitter)

Being humble isn’t too difficult when your team is coming off a 19-win season. It should not be too hard to show humility when your team tied the NBA record for longest losing streak. You shouldn’t have too big of a head when you are the 11th pick in the NBA draft.

With all that said, Michael Carter-Williams not only showed an impressive level of humility when the league awarded him the 2013-14 Rookie of the Year Award. He also showed a great deal of level headed thinking and made it clear that his sights are set in the right direction.

The Sixers newest Rookie of the Year is the first since Allen Iverson won the award during his rookie campaign.

Carter-Williams’ head coach, Brett Brown, took to the podium to make a few remarks regarding his young point guard. Brown gave credit to Carter-Williams for exceeded the team’s expectations in toughness, basketball IQ and most importantly, leadership.

He made it clear that the award is not only something that effects Carter-Williams. He sees it as a symbol that will set the tone for every young player who will be joining the program in the not too distant future.

That award sets the standard for Nerlens Noel, and the two likely lottery picks that the Sixers will add to next year’s team. Carter-Williams spoke to the fact that he is ready to be an example for Noel and the rest of the rookies that will be on next year’s team. Despite his youth, there are early signs of leadership that Sixers fans should be excited about.

Carter-Williams mentioned that he has been watching the NBA Playoffs closely, taking in how different the game is from the regular season. The Rookie of the Year said he would trade in the award to play just one minute in the postseason. His desire to win was evident in his speech and in the answers he gave to the media.

MCW Rookie Infographic (credit: Sixers.com)

MCW Rookie Infographic (credit: Sixers.com)

Carter-Williams was asked about his goals moving forward and he made it clear that the main focus is to lead his team into the postseason. He believes it is now time to focus everything on building toward that goal.

Many pundits were afraid that the losing experienced by the Sixers would somehow contaminate their young point guard for the future. While there is still a lot to prove whether or not that will be the case, Carter-Williams’ statements today are a sign that he is focused in the way he should be.

It appears that last season developed a serious distaste for losing in the young guard and now he is hungry to take the steps necessary to win games for the Sixers.


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