Vernon Davis is in a Scary Business


Things could get weird for Davis

Monday marked a historic moment in the world of sports. Vernon Davis is for sale.

It’s an awful idea.

The San Francisco 49ers aren’t shopping their 30 year-old tight end. Instead, Davis’ stock has officially launched with Fantex, a sports-centric stock trading platform. The way the program works is that athletes receive a lump sum of money up front in exchange for giving up a percentage of future football-related earnings.

As a result, fans will have a vested interest in the success of athletes because, as share-holders, they directly benefit from the millions of dollars that athletes can make.

One of the biggest problems in sports is that fans sometimes feel like they own players. Essentially, by paying for a ticket or a jersey they have the right to do what they want at games. That line of thinking has led to some of the ugliest moments in sports.

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