2 Best Words in Hockey: GAME 7

Just like the regular season, the Flyers postseason has been up and down like Kingda Ka at Six Flags, on a loop. But it’s lead to these 2 magical words


It’s a beautiful thing in the NHL playoffs. Nothing compares to a game 7 in the NHL. One shift, one goal, one hit could change the temp in seconds.

The Flyers are coming off a very impressive win last night in Philly, 5-2 over the Rangers and I would even give them some momentum going into tonight.

But what makes a game 7 special is a team can have all the confidence in the world going into it, and still be scared shitless. The intensity of a Game 7 surrounds you with those emotions, you’re happy, nervous, and scared all at the same time.

The game tonight, of course, is in New York. And history shows it’s no friend for the Flyers. Flyers have just 1 win in their last 10 games in the Garden, including the regular season. Rangers are 5-0 all time in game 7’s in MSG, along with King Henrik being 2-0. But in game 7’s history is thrown out the window for the players.

If I were to ask Mason or Giroux about those stats they’d scoff and focus on the now. The now looks good too for the Flyers. The way this schedule has worked out, the Flyers will have an easier time carrying the momentum from last night into tonight. Compared to the Rangers win, and the teams having two days rest until the following game.

So how is your confidence level for the Flyers going into tonight? I’d love to know. It should be high. If it’s not tell me why, lets have a discussion.

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  1. Jim McLaughlin

    Look out for that 4th line tone. I see a big goal from Adam Hall.

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