Steve Mason and Sisyphus: A Story of Impossible Odds

steve-mason-nhlThe dark clouds have gathered in Philadelphia as the Flyers return home with a 3-2 deficit to the rival New York Rangers. The captain has performed poorly, the team seems out of sync, and my arm makes this weird clicking sound when I move it. It’s getting ugly.

So what will it take for the Flyers to sneak into the next round? Steve Mason.

Yes, the Flyers goaltender, who had a fantastic game four in which he allowed one goal in 38 shots, is going to need to repeat that performance two more times in two consecutive nights for the Flyers to win this series.

Why? Because at this point in the series I feel as though the effort is there, but the Flyers are struggling to truly figure out the Rangers scheme and get quality chances. I just don’t buy any offensive explosion unless the Flyers get a high number of power plays (and even then…).

So basically, I don’t think that the Flyers odds of pulling this off are great. But if Craig Berube hopes to make it to the next round, that’s the most likely scenario. What do you think?



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