Quick Thoughts: Eagles 2014 Schedule

The Eagles is schedule is out, which you can check out here. We already knew the teams they would play, but now that we have the full picture here are some quick thoughts:

  • There’s only two truly easy games on this schedule: Jacksonville and Tennessee. As a whole, this is a tough year.
  • For the remaining, more difficult games, I wouldn’t be shocked to see the Eagles get swept by the NFC West. They’re the best division in football. No question about it.
  • Including 4 o’clock games, which are more or less nationally televised, the Eagles have nine games in the NFL spotlight. Four of those games are “prime time.” If you think the Eagles will sneak up on anyone this season, you’re dead wrong.
  • Getting Seattle to come to Philly is huge for the Eagles and, since they’ll be playing Thanksgiving day, a once doubtful victory is a puncher’s chance. The Eagles will have ten days to rest and prepare for the defending champs.
  • Speaking of the Thanksgiving game…will anything be more beautiful than seeing the Jones’ family pissed off on the best American holiday? I’ll dedicate my fourth plate to them for sure.


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