He’s In: Jabari Parker To Enter NBA Draft

parkerThe wait is over.

Duke small forward Jabari Parker will indeed be entering the NBA draft this year. The announcement comes following weeks of uncertainty on Parker’s part.

The top Freshman in the nation flirted with the idea of going back to Duke for a sophomore season and even went so far as to submit for housing at Duke next year. He won’t be needing that dorm assignment anymore.

The decision is an important one for the Sixers. Parker’s decision to enter the draft keeps the depth of the draft at a very high level. Without Parker, the value of having a top 2 pick would greatly depreciate. That would not be ideal for the Sixers who currently have the 2nd best odds at the 1st pick.

There is no clear consensus yet in terms of who the number one pick will be. It is between Parker, Andrew Wiggins and Joel Embiid. All three have the potential to be game changing players at the next level and whichever teams lineup at the top of the draft, none will be too disappointed to wind up with one of those three prospects.

Parker is an interesting prospect. His combination of size, savvy and scoring ability has many people seeing him as a young Carmelo Anthony. The Sixers will clearly have interest in Parker because of his wide array of skills. The Sixers have shown an affinity for multifaceted players and Parker fits the part.

The Duke standout may not be the Sixers first choice, but the bottom line is that that will only matter if they get the first pick. If they don’t, they need Parker in the draft to keep their options open.

With Parker in, they are wide open.

Expect to see an in-depth breakdown from me of all the top prospects and where they might land as we approach the draft lottery and the draft. I mean let’s be seriously, no one cares about the playoffs…right?

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