Eating Crow: An Open Apology to Paul Holmgren

Dear Paul,

Congratulations on making it to the playoffs! For a building riddled with tankitis, I’m sure there’s no better cure than playoff fever and most Philadelphians will agree. But I’m not writing this letter to talk of Stanley Cup dreams, rather I’d like to offer you an apology.

At this beginning of this season I had my doubts. Actually, I wanted your head to be punched off of your body by Ron Hextall…and that was before you fired Peter Laviolette three games into the season.

How was I going to trust a rookie head coach and an inconsistent goaltender to propel a sagging sadsack into the playoffs? How was adding another center going to improve a center-heavy team? Like every actress’ attempt to start a singing career, it simply wasn’t going to work. I prepared for another year of playoff-less hockey.

Instead, the Flyers have truly impressed me. Despite being in the gutter at the beginning of the season the Flyers have evolved into a legitimate playoff threat and the major pieces have your fingerprints. For example, Wayne Simmonds.

Simmonds, who was a part of the Jeff Carter/Mike Richards reconstruction project, has evolved into the best power play threat of his kind in the league. His production has been so stellar that he led the team in goals for the season with 29 (15 PP).

Then there’s Steve Mason who had a career year in both record and save percentage. A qestionable commodity before the start of the season, Mason has proven to be a rock for your team while stealing a few games in the process. The sooner he gets back into net, the better this team’s championship odds are.

But again, this letter isn’t about the Cup. It’s about you and the credit you deserve for making this season what it is. You’re an unpopular man working under an unpopular owner. It’s not exactly ponies shitting rainbows, but you’ve made the bold moves to make it work and, for that, you have my respect.

For now.





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  1. Jim McLaughlin

    You are way off base. They haven’t developed Coutirer. Schenn is average. Trade Talbot for Steve Downey. Remember Downey’s first shift? His beating took him out for 2 months. That move is typical Flyers, bring back a retread. And typical Flyers, have to have a goon Zac Rinaldo. And Coatesy has to make us swallow Rinaldo every game, by making him their “Great Check of the Game”

    Andrew MacDonald was a great move. Give Holmer that credit.

    Watch the playoffs and see the production other teams are getting from 3rd and 4th lines. Stop drinking the Cool Aid and give us some substance Vince. You’re better than that!

    • Jim, I understand your disappointment but I’m just trying to be fair. Holmgren hets a lot of criticism and with this season a success in my eyes I have to give him credit.

      It looks like he’s found his long-term goaltender and some solid franchise pieces. I’m not as sold on the long-term sustainability, but for now I have to give him the respect due.

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