Quick Thoughts: Eagles Free Agency Is a Flat Circle

jenkinsEveryone and their mother (goose) wanted Jairus Byrd. Instead the Eagles signed Malcolm Jenkins from the Saints and also cut deals with three other players. Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • First, and most importantly, this isn’t a surprise. At all. The Eagles did a lot of the same last season. They added cheaper, lower-risk players with the ability to provide starting-caliber play. That’s exactly what Jenkins is.
  • I think, in part, people are upset because of timing. Most of the top-tier safeties are signed, the Eagles hadn’t made any major moves (though I value Donnie Jones as a major move), and Byrd was seemingly the last man standing. “It’s destiny. The Eagles haven’t had a good safety since Dawkins and now Byrd’s now going to be a—MIKE JENKINS!!!!”
  • By the way, I disagree with people saying that we haven’t had a good safety since Dawkins. Quentin Mikell was a really solid, consistent presence in the secondary. Don’t sleep on Q.
  • Another reason that this signing seemingly stings so much is because Jenkins emerged like a secret service agent diving to take a bullet. If Mike Mitchell, who had been rumored as a target, was the Eagles choice I doubt the signing would have caused nearly the same aftershock.
  • You look cute today. Is that a new shirt? ; )
  • Earl Wolff is currently the only other reasonable option to start at safety. Start the Clinton Dix parade!
  • It’s good to see special teams addressed even if it’s not sexy. Adding cheap OLB and safety depth with a good special teams track record will be the kind of subtle moves that are forgotten in September, but help make the push to February.
  • I’m expecting the Eagles to bring in a few more bodies before it’s all said and done. Line depth specifically, though,my unrealistic dream of Maurice Jones-Drew as an Eagle still lives on.
  • Darrelle Revis and DeMarcus Ware are free agents after being released. I think the fact that they’re the 9th bullet point says enough about my confidence in either of those two in Philly.
  • Wait to see the rest of the moves before painting a broad picture of the season. We still have a the rest of free agency and the draft before we really know what this team will look like.


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