Hockey is the Only Thing That Matters in the Olympics

Well the Olympics are just over half way over and we’ve finally reached that point that matters.

The single-elimination hockey tournament.

As much as it is cool to see the United States win gold or simply medal in events like figuring skating or ice dancing (which apparently are two separate things, news to me.) The event the world is going to remember and probably watch the most is the hockey tournament.

The names of the athletes that we’re going to remember in the weeks following the Olympics are going to be JVR, Kessel (both Phil and Amanda), Ovechkin, and Crosby. We’ll continue to hear about the athletes that medal in their respected events during the Olympics but we likely won’t be hearing there names again for another 4 years.

In terms of the medal count, to me, if the United States doesn’t at least medal in the hockey tournament in both men and women then it’s a failure. The women will medal by the way, if you haven’t heard they are in the gold medal game against our rivals to the north, Canada.

Hockey is the only event in the Winter Olympics that is one of the 4 major sports in the States. Along with every team in the Olympics having at least one member in the National Hockey League. Fans can relate to it more than any other event.

We’re only into the first round of the men’s tournament and it’s leading up to a doosey of potential match ups. The United States received a bye into the quarterfinals and will face the winner of Slovakia and Czech Republic. With a chance at revenge from 2010 gold medal game against Canada in the semi finals.

On the other side of the bracket its a little more open. Russia, after a disappointing group stage, did not receive a bye and will likely face Finland in the quarters after their game against Noway. My likely semi final matchup on that side of the bracket is Sweden and Russia. Russia has been very stagnate like thus far in the tournament and are looking for that wake up call.

I’ll give my medal game matchups in the coming days. But for now enjoy the tournament folks and still try and wonder how this is the Winter Olympics when it’s 60 degrees plus in Sochi right now.

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