Evan Turner To Charlotte Bobcats Only If…

Photo Courtesy of USAToday.com

Photo Courtesy of USAToday.com

The Sixers are to this point following the plan perfectly. They are losing and as of last night, they boasted the second worst record in the NBA. Hinkie is making tanking look easy as the team lost consecutive games to the Clippers and Golden State Warriors by a combined total of 88 points.

The next step in the plan is to trade Evan Turner. The swingman is set to be a free agent, and despite his stellar play, nobody seems to see a Sixers future that includes Turner.

Despite his 17.8 points, 6 rebounds and 3.8 assists, it looks like the Sixers are going in a different direction. For the team’s future oriented stance, it would make no sense to keep Turner beyond the trade deadline unless they plan to keep him long-term.

This gives opposing teams interested in Turner some leverage. They do not have to break the bank because the understanding will be that the Sixers will get desperate to trade Turner before the deadline hits. So how do the Sixers assure that they get fair or better than fair in return for Turner?

They have to be picky.

The Sixers are not in a horrible spot with Turner for a few reasons. The team could actually bring Turner back as crazy as it seems. He will be a restricted free agent at the end of the season and the team will be able to keep him or perhaps work out a sign and trade deal with another team.

The primary speculation to moving Turner early in the year was that the team would hopefully land either Duke’s Jabari Parker or Kansas’ Andrew Wiggins, rendering Turner useless on the roster. However, there are a handful of players in this draft like Julius Randle of Kentucky that would not clash with Turner or even Joel Embiid of Kansas who has made a big impression this season.

The latest rumor to pick up steam is Turner to the Bobcats. The Bobcats could be the perfect partner for Philadelphia when it comes to Turner. They are currently sitting in the 8th playoff spot and making the playoffs would be huge for their franchise considering that they have been anemic when it comes to winning seasons since they became a franchise and it would create some “buzz” (no pun intended) as the team sets to re-brand themselves as the Hornets.

Adding Turner’s production would almost guarantee them a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. That is the level of desperation that the Sixers need in a partner. The Bobcats would be compelled to get this deal done and the Sixers could take advantage of that.

An acceptable deal would be something along the lines of sending Turner to Charlotte for Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Cody Zeller and a first round pick.

Photo Courtesy of Philly.com

Photo Courtesy of Philly.com

The Sixers would add to players that are still young and that could benefit from the atmosphere of player development being created by Hinkie and Brett Brown. The first round pick would also add to the Sixers collection of picks which was somewhat depleted by the Andrew Bynum deal and the Arnett Moultrie trade with Miami.

If Turner winds up being dealt, the Sixers have to be sure to be stingy in negotiations. Expect Hinkie to be tactical when trading away a piece as valuable as Turner.

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