Super Bowl Sunday!

ShermanToday, for many, is the best day of the year. A day more American than Chuck Norris repeatedly kicking Osama Bin Laden in the balls and then getting down on a knee to ice him. It’s the Super Bowl, baby!

As with all Super Bowls, especially one that’s in New York a lot of the buzz is about nothing at all. Richard Sherman being what an NFL player should be, Peyton yelling a word that he’s been saying for probably his entire career, and hoping that his humongous forehead isn’t too big to fit the crown that America wishes to bestow upon it.

Let’s be real here. I think that while Denver is an amazing team, a team that deserves to be in the Super Bowl, there’s a lot of favoritism to the Broncos because of the American love-fest surrounding Peyton Manning. And, sure. Why not? In the same way the Richard Sherman is what the NFL should be, Peyton is what people expect the NFL to be. He’s a guy that kills on the field, avoids controversy, and has a good sense of humor. He’s the man.

However, I think that when you look at this game it comes down to a few major factors: turnovers, the trenches and the style of play. Given that the game will be played in a notoriously windy stadium in the Meadowlands, Seattle’s front four, and offensive efficiency I’d say that if this game were to be played a hundred times I’d pick in Seattle to win 60-65. You throw in the fact that Denver hasn’t be able to stomp teams out after getting big leads and it all comes back to the hype machine choosing the winner. It’s like Peyton is Rocky and Sherman is Ivan Drago.

So, yeah. I’m going Seattle today and I think they do it through a bruising, turnoverless effort that finally puts the mobile QB criticisms to bed. Are they sexy? No. Do they put up numbers? No. But they’re the better team.

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