Quick Thoughts on the Pro Bowl

LinesYou honestly may not know this, but the Pro Bowl is today. This year is a little different than previous years in the way that Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders drafted their teams in lieu of the NFC vs AFC dual that we’ve been treated(?) to for so long. And so…

  • I don’t like giving Roger Goodell credit, but having two well-known hall of famers draft a team is a great idea. BUT…
  • If they got TO and Randy Moss to draft a team next year I bet they’d play and it would be the best Pro Bowl ever.
  • The NFL needs to take a page out of the NBA/NHL mold and have a well-publicized skills competition. Shit, people watch the combine obsessively. How much would they kill it in the ratings if the NFC and AFC offensive or defensive lines had a tug o’ war? Or if Chris Johnson ran a 40 yard dash against DeSean Jackson and Cordarelle Patterson. I’d watch that.
  • The NFL is experimenting with a lot of rule changes in the Pro Bowl as a means of making the game more exciting. My problem is that if you don’t care in the first place the new rules will make the game seem more foreign and unattractive.
  • Glad Evan Mathis made it into the Pro Bowl. The man is a boss.
  • Speaking of Eagles in the Pro Bowl, remember how Brian Dawkins and Jeremiah Trotter got crap for playing too hard?
  • And does anyone have a link to that hit where Dawkins laid out Marvin Harrison? I’d love to watch that again…and again and again.

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