I Love Richard Sherman


Everyone expected a great day of football and the NFL delivered. We’ll be getting the perfect match-up of the unstoppable force vs the immovable object. Denver vs Seattle for the Super Bowl.

There’s so much to say about what went down this weekend (The Pats finally unable to overcome their injuries, another glaring example of imperfect rules, and questions on Kaepernick) but the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about this weekend is this amazing interview after the Seattle/San Francisco game.

Guys, I have a confession. As you might suspect (because it’s the title and all) I love Richard Sherman. I love him so much that I honestly don’t know where to begin…

I guess I’ll start where all love starts. It’s physical. Thanks to a combination of things like improved nutrition, specialized training, and Chinese programs to breed super-people we’re seeing positions evolve in football.

Tight end has changed from an extension of the offensive line to a receiving nightmare, quarterbacks are expected to literally run the offense, and apparently guys are listed on their roster as being “offensive weapons“. But since a golden age of safeties in the early 2000’s there hasn’t been much evolution on the defensive side of the ball.

Enter Richard Sherman.

Sherman is a symbol of the next great evolution in the NFL. Standing at 6’3″, 195 pounds Sherman’s size and physical ability have made him the shining example of the prototypical modern cornerback. Why? Because the rules suck. But in a more helpful answer, because Sherman’s length and physicality knocks receivers out of the game and can match up with the elite tight ends too.

Then, like plenty of crushes (man or otherwise) there’s also that little fact that he’s the best at what he does (Yes, I’m putting him above Darrelle Revis). In three seasons Sherman has 21 interceptions, two TDs, eight TDs allowed and two first team All-Pro selections. It’s not only a phenomenal start to a young career, but it’s something that Skip Bayless will never achieve. And it’s leads to my next point…

I’m head over heels for a bad boy.

Football is a game, people. It’s three hundred pound men dressed up like tigers and rams and whatever the hell this is and beating the crap out of each other for our entertainment. The NFL needs guys like Richard Sherman because they’re what make the games more fun to watch.

Remember 2007 when Dallas went 13-3 (it hurts me too, but stay focused) and they were slated to play New England in an epic showdown? Terrell Owens was going nuts on a season that ended with 81 catches for 1355 yards and 15 touchdowns. However, Randy Moss was in the midst of a campaign that neither man nor God could replicate. He finished with 98 catches for 1493 yards and 23 touchdowns.

Knowing the buzz that would inevitably surround the matchup, T.O. left a note on his locker prior to the week. It said:

Dear reporters,

Due to the magnitude of this week’s game and the high volume of questions for the Original 81 about the other 81 [Randy Moss] I will be taking all questions immediately following Sunday’s game.


Terrell Owens

PS. Getcha Popcorn ready

That phrase “Getcha popcorn ready” has become synonymous with the legend that is T.O. and it’s the exact type of thing that the NFL so sorely misses. The push to make everything so family friendly and sterile has pushed out even the slightest personality that evokes such a strong connection to the players in the first place. For an Eagles example think of Jeremiah Trotter. Now stop thinking about the axe move.

Sherman gets a lot of grief for his trash talking, but the kind of twitticisms that come out in response to his brashness show how contradictory people are about what they want the NFL to be. It’s unfair and illogical to complain that the sport is “flag football” and “soft” but then criticize a gritty All Pro defender for thumping his chest a bit on the way to the Super Bowl.

Wait, it’s not the “safe play”? It’s a little “immature”? Sure, but fuck you. I bet he’s going to be selling a ton of jerseys in Seattle. Hell, I’m going to be getting one for myself.

That’s what true love is all about.

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  1. The more we learn about Richard Sherman, the more amazed we are to learn that he is a good guy. I don’t like the pretty sideline girl, easy on the eyes, putting a microphone in the face of somebody who is all jacked up. So pretty little Erin, instead of asking the follow up question of what happen between Sherman and Craptree, tapped out.

    Instead of having a journalistic story of the year, Erin validated why I do not like the sideline reporter. She is easy on the eyes, but I want hardcore with my football.

    • I agree with you there, Jim. Sideline reporters contribute nothing especially now that all of the information gets tweeted out and stuff before they report anyways. Just a pretty face

  2. Sideline reporting is the most useless profession in sports history. They always go for the easy interviews, helping build the egos of players that win the big games. I would rather see Erin Andrews go up to Kaepernick after the game and say did you not see Crabtree was in double coverage? Why that throw? You had time left…

  3. Juan Carlos Martinez

    This is an awesome article!!!!

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