Some NFL Thoughts

Since black Monday took place earlier this week there’s been a lot of moving and shaking going on in the NFL. Seven head coaches were fired (about par for the course) and three of the teams have actually hired their guy already.

First, the Texans getting BiIl O’Brien so quickly was a brilliant move. I tweeted out the other day that he’s sounded eerily like Chip did when he was brought into Philly last year and I expect him to turn the Texans around quickly. They’re a talented roster.

But the most important thing here is that they fired Gary Kubiak on December 6th–well before the season ended–which set them up to get the best candidate available. It really baffles me that teams are complacent to wait til week 17 to fire a guy with everyone else. Fire the coach early and get your man. Texans will be proof of that.

Second, the Buccaneers hired Lovie Smith which was a good move for both parties. The Bucs for getting a good defensive coach and Lovie for sitting out a year to find a good fit.

Third, and most importantly for the Eagles, the Redskins hired Jay Gruden as their next head coach. I’ve got a bigger piece working on that so just sit tight.

For the remaining jobs I’d rank them based on long-term sustainability, front office, etc as follows:

1. Lions
2. Browns
3. Titans
4. Vikings

For the playoffs, a few other quick thoughts:

  • If the Colts keep that second half play from last week going I think they should beat New England. Time for Luck to start growing the legend with a playoff win in New England.
  • Denver and San Diego also isn’t as one-sided as you’d think. Not saying I necessarily favor the Chargers here, but I think they’ll put up a hell of a game. Mike McCoy is the real deal
  • In the NFC Seattle should lock up a conference championship game at home. The Saints may have eeked out a win last week at the Linc, but this match-up is just too strong. Seattle has the talent to shut out Graham.
  • San Fran should take Carolina on the road and set up what will be a record-breaking conference championship match-up. Also,does Kaepernick think he should be in the NBA? What’s this ‘turn it on for the playoffs’ stuff?

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