Hey people! It’s a Long Month….

MiltonOk so now that the Eagles are out of the playoffs I would love to switch gears and really focus on what’s been going on with Philly’s other teams. However, I work for a WIP and this is Wing Bowl season for us (Yes, it’s an entire season at our station) and I essentially live in the office.

However, there’s good news in all of this. It’s because me and some WIP staff (Ray included) have been putting together a lot of footage from Wing Bowl’s absolutely bizarre eating stunts and making weekly recaps for the WingBowl22.com site. So I want to link to the first two that we’ve done that are already running and will post the following videos here as I finish them (or die from exhaustion).

Video one.

Video two.

I’ll put some other thoughts up on this site when I can. It could be bullet points, a miraculous podcast, or a symbolic video of puppets throwing batteries at each other…either way my point gets across. Just bear with me through Wing Bowl.

If you simply can’t go on without thoughts from me I’ll also try to occasionally get my twitter game proper @Quinning_TWC


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