Eagles Season Ends in Dissapointment but Have Success Overall

Well Philadelphia, it’s over, our beloved Philadelphia Eagles 2013 season is officially over. After a heart breaking, last second field goal by the New Orleans Saints propelled them into the divisional round, Eagles fans were left thinking upon the season past.

A rookie coach, an essentially rookie QB, a questionable defense not much was expected out of this team coming into the season coming off a 4-12 from the season prior. I myself said the team would be “successful” with 6-8 wins. If you told me instead they’d go 10-6 and win the NFC east I’d of probably laughed in your face but now that person is laughing at me (and a lot of other people I’m sure.)

Lets break this season down by each side of the ball and the coach while were at it.


Now to be honest I would probably put offense and the coach (Chip Kelly in case you’ve been living under a rock over the past year) in the same category but I’ll keep them separate as much as I can.

One word really describes this offense well: EXPLOSIVE.

The style of offense Kelly had in his brain was in such question at the time of his hire and pre-season I myself starting questioning it. Never really doubted it but questioned it. And man did Kelly prove all the haters wrong. This was the most fun offensive Eagles team probably in franchise history. McCoy Lions

And one player in mind for that is of course, Shady McCoy. The RB set franchise records for rushing yards and yards from scrimmage so no question that man will continue to flourish under Kelly.

Along with the official break out of McCoy we also were shown who will likely be leading the Eagles behind center for years to come: Nick Foles. Now I know my buddy and fellow writer for The Cooler Vince will disagree with me in some cases I’m about to say but hey were not here to always agree are we now?

Foles is the present and future of the Eagles. 27 touchdowns and 2 interceptions, you can’t argue with that kinda stat and say “eh maybe we can get someone in this draft.” No Foles is Chip and Howie Roseman’s guy.

Does he have flaws? Of course no QB doesn’t have flaws. (That’s right ladies, your UGG wearing, eye candy Tom Brady isn’t perfect either.)

Foles needs to learn how to keep come under pressure. He’s great and going through his progressions to find the open man but once he sees no one is open or the pocket collapsing he starts panicking. Generally leading to an intentional grounding or sack.

The guy is a 2nd year QB, still has to go through a full season, and he’s still progressing at the ripe age of 24. Give it time people you’ll see he’s the Eagles guy soon enough.


You know how every person/team/etc. has their Achilles heal? Well this was it for the Eagles (and maybe Alex Henery but I digress)

Roseman and Kelly really need to focus on this side of the ball this coming off season. Especially in the safety position. Patrick Chung should of been cut the minute the Saints made that field goal.

Earl Wolff could be a decent safety but with him out a majority of this season with knee problems we fans just don’t know enough about to be comfortable with him as the every day starter next year. So this is the number 1 priority for our Birds

Front 7 wise I thought the team was solid. Bennie Logan, NT, developed into a solid lineman and again he’s a young gun who will only continue to get better. Connor Barwin, wow just wow, this guy was a warrior, getting great pass rush and when he wasn’t getting there threw his hands up to try and swat that ball down.

Brandon Boykin is probably the only secondary guy I”m 100% comfortable with. Leading the team with 6 interceptions for the 2013 season.

I have full trust in Roseman and Kelly to find the pieces in the secondary and maybe an additional pass rusher this off season to really aid this team come next season.

Coach Kelly

Really can’t not evaluate the man that is Chip Kelly. This guy is still waving to his haters I think with the completion of his first NFL season.

Well, maybe he isn’t waving, knowing him he’s probably still at the Nova Care Complex working on the depth chart for 2014.

Kelly came into the NFL with quite a few question marks. Mostly how will his offensive schemes work in the NFL.

And well long story short, it works in the NFL.

Kelly has his flaws sure. Challenging plays, getting the points instead of going for it on fourth, etc. But all of these are easily teachable and fixable. Roseman knew what he was doing when he hired this guy to lead the Eagles team.

The future is bright for this team and it’s fans.

Strap in ladies and gents were in for a fun ride the next few years.

P.S. Don’t look now but our Philadelphia Flyers are in 2nd place in the metropolitan and went 4-1 on their road trip but more on that later.

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