Eagles Not-so-quick Thoughts

So the Eagles lost a heartbreaker at home in the playoffs…

There’s plenty to say about the game and how the team played, most notably tackling, coverage, and the battle in the trenches. However, I’m gonna save that conversation for what will inevitably become a podcast this week.

So instead I’d like to give some more conclusionary thoughts since I’m working til 6am and have nothing better to do with my time:

1. Foles has emerged as a solid system quarterback. I think he’s our Alex Smith/Eli Manning type QB. Probably enough to keep him around barring some incredible opportunity. Feel free to yell at me in the comments for that comparison.

2. Adrian Peterson has passed the torch. All hail LeSean McCoy.

3. Chip is a boss. He’s got his flaws, but for a kid tinkering in a machine shop for the first time he made a hell of an offensive beast. I still think he’s coach of the year.

4.The young defensive line struggled in big games. Looks like a pretty good unit, but not as dominant as I previously thought a few weeks back. Still an impressive campaign from them.

5. Brandon Graham is wasting away on this team. I feel bad for the guy. Trade him somewhere where he’ll be a 4-3 DE.

6. Considering the list of players brought in as free agents, most were a success. Even James Casey came on later in the year. Good work from Howie Roseman. I’m expecting more of the same from him this year—especially with Tom Gamble around. It’s good to say considering Roseman got a lot of flack last year for the Danny Watkins fiasco.

7. Speaking of free agents, my first-twitch wish list: Jarius Bryd, Donte Whitner, Eric Decker. I think it’s a neat idea that they could theoretically add safeties Jarius Byrd and Donte Whitner, who played together pretty well in Buffalo. That would be awesome, but only Byrd seems likely to hit the market of the two. Also, Decker would be that big complement we’ve always wanted and is a better player than Cooper.

8. Also…Cooper is a free agent. Maclin is a free agent. I’ll be keeping a close eye on that one. I have some theories that I’ll explain in a few weeks when the dust settles and free agency chatter gets going.

9. If I hear about a mock draft in the next month someone’s going to get kicked in the nuts. All mock drafts are pretty much garbage until a day or two before the draft…and even then….

10. Much respect for Mike Vick. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: he’s a changed man. Handled the benching really well and while I think he deserves a chance to start somewhere I’d love to have him as our backup again.

11. I don’t know if this is just me, but I’m not sold on Kendricks as being a great player. I think he’s been athletic, but nothing special.

12. Donnie Jones <33333. Actually met him once working an event. Really nice guy, very appreciative of the fans, the ideal type of player.

13. We have a very tough schedule next year. Don’t expect 10-6 to come easily.

14. Glad Evan Mathis earned an All-Pro selection. He’s just perfect in this system.

15. I also had a lot of doubt about Jason Avant and didn’t even project him to make the team before the season started. Man was I wrong (Don’t tell anyone!) He was a great blocker out wide and he’s always been viewed as a great locker room person. Can’t be happier that he’s an Eagle.

16. The Eagles made it as far as Andy and the Chiefs so no need to be jealous of our ex. (Even though he looks amazing in red)

The Final Thought: Great season overall. What a ride! What a beginning to what could be something so special in Philly. I couldn’t be prouder of the way this team performed.


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