PSA: Playoff Manners at the Stadium

Hello there fellow Eagles fans,

I understand that’s there’s a ton of nearly uncontrollable excitement right now. The Eagles, who were expected to be a below .500 team, are in the playoffs after beating Dallas in Dallas. It’s awesome and you have every right to yell and scream on Saturday until you have to hand gesture vendors for another beer. That’s what being a fan is all about.

However, if you’re at the Linc on Saturday there’s one important rule that needs to be established. When the Eagles are on offense you need to shut up. 

This team is based on speed. They don’t run a huddle, they focus on getting the ball to the refs–all because they want to go as fast as possible to tire out the defense. By keeping quiet the team is at an even greater advantage because they can make play calls and adjustments faster, thus going as fast as possible.

Now that’s not to say that you shouldn’t cheer at all. When they get a first down or make a big play go nuts! High five your buddy, laugh at the guy in a Mark Ingram jersey–whatever you gotta do.

Just make sure you stay quiet before the play.

Thanks and go Birds!

-The Wooder Cooler

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