What to Watch For: Eagles vs Cowboys

dallas-cowboys-moron-fans-8_mediumOH MY GOD THIS GAME IS GOING TO BE INCREDIBLE AND AWESOME!!! In fact, as your attorney I suggest you ignore all responsibilities you have for today to do this. Grass to cut? Kids to feed? Fuck it. This is too important. In fact, I’ll give TEN things to watch for this week instead of the normal five. BOOM!

Interesting fact: The Cowboys could set records for the most first downs, passing first downs, and passing yards allowed in a season.

What to Watch for:

1. Nick Foles Jerseys. Nick Foles has been a recent star in Philly and with Christmas having just passed I imagine that we’ll see a few Foles jerseys in Jerry World.

2. Balance. A common theme with NFL teams is that they tend to play more conservative football when the back-up is in play—especially on the road. Expect a more tightly knit gameplan from Jason Garrett to start the game with Kyle Orton under center. That means lots of DeMarco Murray and Jason Witten.

3. The Eagles front four. This team ebbs and flows with the defensive line. Sure all of the standard stresses are in this game with it being a playoff situation, but there’s something deeper here. The line is a really young unit and this will be the first big game that any of them have played in. Hopefully nerves don’t play a factor here. Dallas’ offensive line is playing pretty well too. DeMarco Murray is averaging 5.4 yards per carry (!) and they’ve allowed only 20 sacks according to ProFootballFocus. I think this battle could very well be the game. Which reminds me….

4. Composure. Both of these teams need to keep their cool, but being a such an intense divisional match-up I imagine that there’s going to be a couple of dumb penalties. Break it up, fellas.

5. The Screen Game. According to Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders, the Cowboys created the lowest QBR in the screen game and are the 4th best read-option defending team in the league. Chip’s made some changes in his game, as we mention in the podcast, but this is something that needs to be taken into account when watching the game today.

6. DeVonte Holloman. Haven’t heard of him? Not surprised. DeVonte Holloman is a 6th round rookie for the Cowboys that could start at middle linebacker due to a litany of injuries. (Seriously, look at this list towards the top of the page. It looks like a war memorial) Now, here’s the thing with Holloman…in addition to being a low-quality prospect, he’s a converted college safety that stands 6’1″ 242. If you close your eyes and think of the Chip Kelly mantra “Big people beat up little people” you can hear Mathis breaking Holloman’s soul on a 60 yard run. Could be a long day for the kid.

7. The Last Game of Jason Garrett’s Tenure. To do the same thing over and over and expect different results is insanity. With another 8-8 finish after losing week 17 to the division champ is Jerry Jones insane enough to keep Garrett another year? Sadly, no.

8. Trick Plays. This is it. This for all the marbles. And with desperation a factor, I’m expecting some trickery to come about in this game. An onside opening kickoff, a receiver or running back throwing a ball, Chip using LeSean McCoy clones to run the best read-option you’ve ever seen. Something goes down here. And it should be awesome.

9. Tyron Smith vs Trent Cole. Smith is having a great year as the Boys left tackle and is doing particularly well is pass protection. However, Trent Cole has been playing great football recently. All eight of his sacks have been since week nine, with three last week. Smith certainly won the first round, but this week is a toss up.

10. Playoff seeding. If things fall our way seeding will be the first topic discussed. You can check out the seedings here, which currently has New Orleans coming to Philly next week. Now the Birds could play the Saints, Cardinals, or 49ers. In that case you want the Cardinals, who the Eagles beat earlier this year, but they’ve got the toughest road.


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