Some Quick Thoughts From Sunday

peyton manningFirst, around the league:

1. Peyton broke the touchdown record with his 51st of the season today. Peyton is the man and he’s obviously an amazing player (he’s going to get I believe his 5th MVP) but I think if I have to pick between the two I’m going Tom Brady. I think he’s done more with much worse offensive firepower over the course of his career. Not the popular pick, but screw it. Haters gonna hate.

2. Arizona came up with a huge gutsy win in Seattle to keep their playoff dreams alive. They’re a pretty good team and Bruce Arians, one of many great coaching hires this season, has helped make the NFC West the best division in football. They’ll play San Francisco next week in what should be one hell of a game.

3. Jim Schwartz is getting fired. That Lions team has a solid window ahead of it and Schwartz hans’t been able to make the most of them—especially with a great Reggie Bush signing to balance out the offense. Thanks for a memorable game fellas, but better luck next year.

4. The NFC playoff race is far less imposing without the Super Dome. The Saints don’t just look human on the road, they look like this human.

5. For any Dolphins fans out there: We felt your pain last week. But if you lose to the Bills AND the Jets “it’s better off that you’re dead”

6. Giovanni Bernard. If you haven’t seen that kid play then you’d better watch the Bengals in the playoffs. That kid is a hell of a player. I saw him make a particularly nasty 30+ yard run today.

brent celekNow for the Eagles:

1. Holyshitthatjusthappened

2. If the Eagles make the playoffs, feel free to mention again how this game was “meaningless.” I’d appreciate a good chuckle at someone else’s expense. Call it Christmas spirit. (Two muppets references in a single post? Yes. You’re welcome)

3. The defensive line is the heart of this defense. I think their youth is beneficial since they see more plays against per game than any team in the league. However, I think that youth could be an issue with such a big game ahead. Hopefully the nerves don’t get to them.

4. Foles seems to be quicker and quicker by the week. Gotta say his ability to get up in the pocket and move has been really impressive. Same for his throwing on the run. Great day for him.

5. Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher killed it tonight. They helped hold a top five offense to 242 passing yards and a touchdown! Alshon Jeffery is seemingly getting that per week. Gotta feel confident with these guys heading into a match-up with Dez Bryant.

6. Chip’s ability to set up screens in a million different ways is something I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of. For example, using the options out of that DeSean backfield motion. Just so much fun.

7. Does this week 17 showdown get any better? Eagles vs Cowboys. Prime Time. Division title and the playoffs on the line. This is seriously football at it’s finest. I really can’t think of a better scenario….except for the game being in Philly instead. We know how it went last time.

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