Thad’s Desire to be Traded Doesn’t Lessen His Value

ThadThad Young is a six year veteran thats the oldest, longest-tenured player on a miserable team. And he wants out.

It’s hard to blame him. The Sixers, who are 7-19 on the year (1-9 in their last ten) are a brick and he’s drowning slowly. There’s no positives for him to be here (hence all of the speculation that he would traded before the season) and so asking for a trade is the natural option.

Unfortunately for Thad, he missed his chance of being a piece in a Omer Asik deal. Such a trade would have likely sent him to Houston to play along Dwight Howard on a solid Rockets squad. However, Houston collapsed on those talks and the disgruntled forward will stay in town likely until the Feb 20th trade deadline.

Now a couple of thoughts on the situation:

First, now that word is out that Thad wants to be traded, general wisdom is his trade value lessens. They’ll want to get rid of a bad attitude before it multiplies like crazy. I’m not buying here.


While Thad is obviously annoyed, I don’t think this becomes a situation where a pro athlete acts like a child. It’s not like we’re talking DeMarcus Cousins here. I think he’s mature enough to be frustrated, but still be a team player in the mean time. No one has expected him to last the year.

Also, that’s why I think it’s important to mention that Thad’s interest in leaving bubbled up just a few hours after it was announced that the Asik deal stalled. He was on the verge of being traded and he’s making that information loud and clear. He was minutes away from going to Houston and now he’s trying drive up his market by creating more suitors. It’s not a bad thing.

Then there’s his contract. Thad has two years left on this deal if he picks up his player option and he’d make less than $20 million total. It’s a reasonable deal, but it also gives him no leverage. The Sixers can sit on him until the right deal comes along instead of playing hot potato. However, since his deal is team-friendly, it also makes him a valuable trade asset because you have finite value compared to expiring deals.

Considering all of this, Thad’s value remains the same if not higher. Now that he wouldn’t be moved until the trade deadline, there will be more teams looking to add a piece to get over the top. Big eyes lead to empty wallets and ideally another Sixers first round pick. Thad wasn’t going to be traded again this season so the Dec 19th deadline wasn’t very important form a Sixers perspective. (The 19th deadline allows for acquired players to be traded again before the Feb 20th deadline).

So while it’s crappy to see a….Young talented guy want to leave. It’s not a big deal. Everything is fine. Just sit tight until February.


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