What to Watch for: Eagles vs Vikings (But Not Really)

CousinsAdrian Peterson and Toby Gerhart will not play in this game. I know that you’re not supposed to look ahead, but screw it. I’m chalking this win up now. Eagles 84-Vikings 6. A real “glued to your seat” game.

So instead, we’ll do five things to watch for around the NFL this week as the playoff race becomes more thrilling by the minute.

1. Jay Cutler. Cutler makes his return to the Bears after missing four games with a high ankle sprain. In the meantime, Josh McCown set the world on fire in a glorious 45-28 thrashing of the Cowboys on national TV. The Bears will be in a bit of a snoozer this week against the 4-9 Browns, but the game means a lot to the Eagles. The Browns have a good defense despite their record and can hopefully slow the Bears offense down before meeting in Philly for Sunday Night Football.

Like I said in the podcast, this offense of Matt Forte, Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey scares me. Consider it the Eagles first playoff game.

2. Packers Cowboys. This is a match-up between two teams still in the hunt. Injuries have made the Packers more of a lame duck (Rodgers, Finley, Bulaga, Harris, Heyward, probably the team bus driver) but since they can still win the NFC North they shouldn’t roll over on Sunday. If they can upset Dallas, week 17 could be nothing more than a playoff party in Dallas with a strong tinge of a Jason Garrett firing. In other words: the best day ever.

The game is on at 4:25 so you can watch it yourself after a you watch the purple people eaters get a taste of their own medicine.

3. Kirk Cousins. He’s never going to be the starter in Washington. It’s RGIII’s job plain and simple. But what’s fascinating about all of this is Mike Shanahan basically going rogue by shutting down the franchise darling for the year. If Cousins performs well enough, he could very well become a trade target for a number of teams in the league. Namely, the teams that Mike Vick will be looking to land a starting gig at (Tennessee, Saint Louis, Houston, Jacksonville, Cleveland).

The better Cousins does, the better the odds of seeing Vick back in Philly next year. Let’s hope he goes all Nick Foles on the dirty birds.

4. New England vs Miami. This game should be a ton of fun. These are two division rivals with playoff aspirations (NE is a leader for home field advantage and Miami’s looking for a wild-card spot). Now that Gronkowski tore everything up in his knee after a nasty shot it will have to be another case of Tom Brady willing his team to the top. Also, take the time to check out Charles Clay from Miami. He’s a young athletic tight end who had an awesome highlight last week.

5. Fantasy Football Playoffs! Time to trash talk like you’ve never trash talked before! Let me get the party started:


I’m gonna run a love train so hard that Coors light is going to have to sue me for defamation. My team is some of the most ballinist shit ever but you couldn’t understand greatness if Peyton Manning was slapping mushroom tattoos all over your stupid ugly face. Get on my level. Your shit is weak.

-Vince Quinn,
Owner, General Manager, President — The Cuddly Puppies.


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