Redskins and Mike Shanahan on the Outs Gives Me Hope

Redskins_LogoMike Shanahan, the guy who hangs his hat on winning at title win John Elwway in the 90’s, seems destined to leave the Redskins after four seasons.

It’s funny because despite coming off of a playoff berth and a landing a young franchise QB it’s not a surprise. In fact, it doesn’t even surprise me if Shanahan quits (which he almost did) or gets fired because the reason is the same: Dan Snyder.

Snyder, who is the worst owner in American sports, is turning a once proud franchise into a disgrace without dignity. They’re slammed for their name on the national spectrum, and their game on the local level. This franchise simply stinks and Snyder is the root of it.

Snyder is a literal A to Z bad owner (must read) with his bad contracts, business plans, and scamming. Essentially, Snyder is what everyone wants to be: he’s a fan playing owner. It’s killing the Redskins and will ultimately send them on another whirl with the coaching carousel. As a Redskins fan I would be furious, but as an Eagles fan I’m really excited.

Why? First, because he can’t stumble in Chip Kelly. We seem to really have a steal that will only be properly described in Super Bowls. But I also can’t help but feel that Snyder will fuck this up and set the team back a few more years.

There’s some solid names out there. Lovie Smith, Jack Del Rio, David Shaw—I could see all of these guys having success for the Redskins, which means they won’t get hired.

However rumors are floating that the Redskins would go after RGIII’s college coach Art Briles. It’s an obvious  and comical connection given that Shanhan threatened to quit because Snyder coddles RGIII. Ken Wisenhunt, another option discussed as a leading candidate, probably wouldn’t turn the Skins around but is allegedly considered for his prior head coaching experience. By my estimation, both great hires.

Dan Snyder forever!

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