What to Watch For: Eagles vs Lions

McCoy LionsWe didn’t make fans with any Lions fans this week (screw ’em!) so instead I’ll be giving you a preview of some important things to watch this week.

Now this is a HUGE game for the Eagles. Both teams are 7-5 and fighting for the chance to win their division. However, since the Eagles can’t tie Dallas’ record and make the playoffs the next three games are that much more important. This is very much a must-win game for the Birds.

Interesting fact: In the history of the franchise, the Eagles are 16-3-2 vs the Lions

What To Watch For:

1. Big Plays. The Eagles produce the most big plays out of anyone in the league. They have 72 plays of 20+ yards and 18 of 40+. The Lions are third in that category with 60 and 10. Expect a ton of yardage on Sunday as these teams sling it all over the field.

2. Running Back. The quarterbacks will get all of the love because it gets Goodell’s rocks off  that’s the nature of the beast, but running back I think is a far more interesting match-up. Reggie Bush may have been the best free agent signing of the year and he’s put up over 1,300 total yards in 11 games for the Lions. McCoy is regularly compared the Lions legend Barry Sanders, and both teams have great, young defensive lines. I think which ever team performs better on the ground has a definite edge in this game.

3. Calvin Johnson Stressing Linebackers. Megatron is the best receiver in the game hands down. From the report in another top-notch piece from Eagles 24/7, the Eagles won’t do much to blitz this week and Johnson is a major reason why. He’ll be double teamed all day and the Eagles will want to rush four so the they’re not killed in the underneath game. Mychal Kendricks and Connor Barwin will need to perform well in coverage to get the Eagles and their 7th worst 3rd down defense (40% conversion pct.) off of the field.

4. Rookie Battle! Ziggy Ansah was drafted immediately after the Eagles selected Lane Johnson in the draft. A young, raw, athletic end out of BYU Ansah was brought in to ad some pass rushing talent on the Lions’ line. He’s done pretty well so far notching eight sacks and regularly stopping the run. As a result it will be a great test for Lane Johnson who has really hit his stride the last few weeks. The less a struggling Todd Herremans has to worry about helping on the perimeter the better.

5. Quick Releases and Interceptions. The Lions have allowed only 15 sacks on the season and plenty of that has to do with Stafford not taking his time in throwing the ball. Nick Foles is very much in the same boat given the read and react style of Chip Kelly’s offense. However, the difference between the two is that Stafford has 14 interceptions and Foles has none (because he is a golden god). If the status quo holds true, the Eagles should win this game.


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